Acrylic Reptile Paintings


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Hello, I am a painter and I would like to paint your reptilian friend. I am mainly doing this for funzies while I am out of school for the quarter, so I will not be charging much for my art.
I can only take one order at a time because I am not a printer. It’s a first come first serve basis.
The canvas I have is a 12inch by 16inch. I would need you to email me a picture of the pet you want me to immortalize. The price will be discussed on the basis of how crazy a pet you have. Something like the chameleon above would be 150$-200$.
If you have a leopard gecko my flat rate would be 100$ or best offer.
If you would like to view other work I have done you may go to my deviant art.
my email is [email protected]
Thank you, serious offers only please.