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The following geckos are available for the coming Hamm show in March:

- pure Ghost Raptor female

Very nice light and clear pastel colours & Banded pattern.
Love the pattern on her head :). Rare genetics, as very few people do work with ghosts right now..
Imagine how they could look by crossing some Macks or LBS into them..
For sure much to do in the coming years!!
very cool genetics for a cool new project :)!
Price: 150 euro

- Ghost Albino 100% het. raptor female - sister to the ghost raptor female.
Both girls are sibling sisters of my crazy "paradox ghost raptor" male:
They might have chances of developing paradox spots too, as many paradox spots develop with age..

price: 80 euro

- patternless tremper albino male- beautiful male with nice colours. From het. raptor to het raptor pairing. Some of my most beautiful tangerine albinos & raptors come from this group!! price:150 euro
(We have an Albino Jungle Female from same genetics available for him- please inquire..)

- 2 females TUG Raptoglow (aka Sunglow Raptor)
Rare and beautiful animals glowing in your hand!!! tip of tail regenerated => reduced price 160 each (normally 250 each).

- female TUG Sunglow 100% et Raptor. PROVEN BREEDER! The picture does not do her justice. Excellent breeding female. Gives high quality babys:
- http://dragoongecko.com/projects.html#tug
Price: 250 euro

- xanthic female. Beautiful female with brilliant colours!! 1 foot not 100% correct anguated, therefore reduced price. Price: 100 euro (normally 180)
excellent genetics for a top price :)!!

We do Shipment and delivery to the Hamm show. Group discounts possible- please inquire :).
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