Before and after


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I just want to show you guys the miraculous turnaround we had with our little patty, Mallorie. We got her from a P*tco because, after our third trip there in a month, she was still there and getting thinner by the day--despite our insistence that she was being bullied and would soon die. We can't let something like that go on while we're in a position to help. So, we purchased Mallorie and made a promise that we'd never buy a single thing from that store again.

Well, anyway, that was that. We brought her home and began feeding her. She's gone from 4g to 25g in about four months and is growing longer and fatter every day. She really is a little sweetie and we're so glad we brought her to a home where she'd be cared for and loved :)

The first picture is Mallorie the day we got her, and the second picture is one of her today (please ignore the awful mess in our room lol)


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Great! She is in much better condition because you took her in. You have been a real help to her.


Whoa, thats insane. Thats soo cool that you saved her. Shes a patternless right?


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That's great that you rescued her. She looks awesome!
We saw a gecko at PMart that had shed on his eyes. I informed them about it but I'm sure they haven't done anything with it. i would really like to go back & check on how its doing. Maybe i could get them to drop the price because of its obvious problem...& take it home & fix it up. Shed stuck on the head is a very easy fix, it just requires patience & someone there to keep an eye on it. Ah! but my bf would kill me if I even hinted at getting another gecko...even if it were to rescue it...hmm..maybe i'll try.