how many obstacles must I cross to own a leo


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I am not trying to gripe here, maybe vent a little.
11 years ago, I had a high yellow.....lost him due to my own carelessness, by leaving the screen lid off of the vivarium. stupid, I know.
This creature (leo) has been dormant in the back of my subconscience since that tragic event.
well....3 months now, the fever has started again. This time I'm researching , looking into morphs, trying to get more of a genetic understanding of these critters. As far as American Pit Bull Terriers (which is another obsession of mine), through thoroughly reading and participating in groups etc. etc. yada. , I learned some things about genetics in dogs.....which really doesn't even hardly barely resemble the way people explain genetics in leos.
okay, here's the BS. I'm not the boy at the pet shop who spontaneously sees a leo, and says.....moma , I want one! lol.
My wife and I separated 4 months ago, so now I move in with my brother, no rent, I just split the bills with him, in his single wide trailer. $100 a month approx.
My brother has severe OCD, not the germ, he is worried to death about things like leaving the oven on (even when it hasn't been used). Anything electrical or like with the water.
He destroys things by repitive motions, like shaking the door handle for 2-5 minutes to assure it is locked, hence his door knob is broken. Same goes for his shower handles. He keeps toilet paper in his sink drain to reassure no water is leaking, his light switch in his bedroom is duct taped in the off switch. always checking his electrical breaker. worried about bills, so he keeps all lights off all of the time. you get the picture , well, I live with this.
I started a conversation while I was looking at my leopard gecko books ( he was in the shower, so I turned the light on to internet).
He said ÿeah we'll make money breeding them ( I know that doesn't work either), but he was pro gecko ownership for the day.
the next day, I said Chris....I think I'm about to set up a vivarium for a leo in a 20 gallon tank , told him about the heat pad that I'd need, plus the other requirements, and told him that it wouldn't change the electric bill that much, and that I'd pay the difference.
NO SIR, the worries began about fires electric and told me no I couldn't have one.........this upset me.
I almost see some of these leos such as the tangerines, SHTCT(b) as being symbolic of beauty , living art (as long as they're healthy) little lizards seem so powerful to my eye upon their appearance, the awesome texture of their skin, even their movement is artistically carried out in a slow graceful way.....not too articulate, wish I was a poet so I could nail (in words), how these little reptiles appear to my eye.
I work a full time job, but still moneyis tight right now.
work for a sign if anybody would like a banner, decals (custom printed), or cut in vinyl decals....heck, we can do printable banners.
my name is Kevin Bean ky.
I just thoght I'd through my first thread out there.
sorry for ranting.....but frustration tends to build up and do that with me.
thanks for being a group of knowledable guys willing to help beginners learn.
one of the best forums that I've been on.


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Are you checking the dates on these posts you're commenting on? This (and the other one) were written in 2011.