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I am going to be new to breeding soon and this will be my first time breeding and I have a few questions
1.)My room is usually somewhere 75-80 degrees and if it is lower then a specific number or too high will they die?
2.)I heard 78-80 produce females then 85-89 produce males is this true?
3.)What is the best mixture of components for a lay box and incubator?(I heard vermiculite and per-lite works well.)
4.)What is the average days for an egg to hatch i heard 6-12 weeks
5.)How can I tell if en egg is infertile or just bad?
6.)Should I keep all my eggs from different clutches in one rubbermaid until it is filled up or use a different rubbermaid for different clutches?
If there is any thing important and first time breeder should know about incubation that I did not ask above?
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1. Id try to keep your egg's a place were they can get constent heat no matter what
2. i belive its 80-83 are usually female's, and 85-88 are usually males.
3. i just use vermiculite, get it nice and moist, so its pacable.
4.It depends on the tempeture.
5.If you candle an egg and see nothing in it, its probobly no good, but id recoment keeping them untill they go bad.
6.If there from the same breeding group, then i dont see any problems with them being in the same container, just as long as you mark down the hachdates.

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1. 79-83 females
83-85 males/females (cold and hot)
86-90 males
(keep your eggs between this range! if not they could not develop)
2.hatchrite- for begginers (no nead to measure water....)
3. this deppends of the temp. constant 90 degrees hatched in about 45 days.
4. this one is a bit triky!!!! because some eggs can develop in some conditions....
some eggs could be infertile wen you candle and gets bright green! but have
pacience!!!! give them at least a week to develop and you should see a vain if fertile
5. You can use the same rubbermaid but allways change hathrite wen a egg hatch, because in few days this can create fatal fumes to other hatchlings !

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