List All Your Animals Here!


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This is a thread for everyone to list what animals they currently keep. I'll start things off:)

I currently keep:

many leopard geckos (I'll update this with a count at some point!)
a few knob tail geckos
1.1 silver eyed cat geckos
Namibian sand geckos
many crested geckos
1 African Fat tail gecko
1.1 Eban's leaftail gecko
many ball pythons
1.1 woma pythons
1.1 blackhead pythons
1.1 western green rat snakes
1.1 tricolor hognose
1.2 het albino hognose
1.1 applegate albino gopher snakes
1.1 madagascan tree boas

1.1 boxer dogs


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15.33.6 Leopard Geckos
2.2 Malaysian Cat Geckos
0.0.1 miniature Leopard Tortoise

1.1 Sugar Gliders
0.1 Ferret
1.0 English Bulldog
1.0 Long-haired Chihuahua
0.1 Boston Terrier


1 leopard gecko
2 RES turtles
2 mini dacshunds
1 weimaraner

Double LY

4 Leopard Geckos (soon to be 5); Names: Spot, Mo, Alex, Ruby and ????
1 Russian Tortoise; Name: Mr. Turtle
1 Rottweiler; Name: Potter
1 Chow/Sheltie Mix; Name: Aspen
1 Lhasa Apso; Name: Otis
1 Calico; Name: Miss Polly Prissy Pants (but we call her Sissy)
Various fish (main one is a HUGE Cichlid I call Big Daddy)



7.8.9 Leopard Geckos
0.1 Bearded Dragon
1.1 C.Tropidosternum
1.0 Sugar Glider
1.0 Dog- Basset/Cocker Mix
1 Kingsnake, Black and White
1 Kenyan Sand Boa
1 Cornsnake - Okatee

55 Gal Fish Tank - Mostly Polypterus, Blood Parrots, Snowflake Eels, Raphael Catfish
10 Gal Fish Tank - Zig-Zag Eels, Female Bettas, Various Fan-Shrimps, Banjo Cat
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I breed: Leos, All three strains and markings including Tang of Albino (RW, Bell, Tremper), Red stripes, Hypos-all inbetween-SHTCTB, Bold stripe, Line bred snows, Mack snows, Bell Hybinos, Tremper Sunglows, Patternless , Blizzards, Blazing Blizzards, plus many cool mixes of Morphs and normals het for different morphs. Crested Geckos, all patterns and colors, Fat tail Geckos, Normals, striped, Albino, Tang Albino, Bearded Dragons- Many different colors including snow and pastel. CFA Registered Manx cats- I breed and show, I specialize in Smokes but have all colorations in both long and short hair.
I own: 3 German shepherds Onyx a pure black female 10 yrs old and partly paralized, Danzig is a Red sable East German lines out of Leerburg, He is 7 yrs old and their pup who will be one in March Sakotah, so named after the first German shepherd I had. He is a black sable of west and East German lines and some American Herding lines. Both his parents were active Search and Rescue dogs until right after 9-11 I also have 3 Chinchillas, Velvet a Beautiful BlackVelvet male, Breezy a normal gray female and their daughter Stormy she ius a dark gray. I have 1 ferret named Jumanji she is awesome she is a silver I was a ferret rescue over the years but all have since died except Jumanji who is now 3 yrs old. 1 hedgehog Wicca a male white, I used to raise hedgehogs, I really miss having babies but shipping was really hard so I sold all of them locally, except Wicca, I also have a squirrel named Paws( or Squirrelo) Squirrelo is when she acts crazy. She is 2 now and my big baby, Lots of dumbo, rex and hairless rats, Fancy mice, 6 Balls( selling them), 6 trantulas, husbands pets, hamstrers, daughters pets and lastly our fish 1 tiger oscar, 1 albino tiger oscar, and 1 red oscar in one tank and my daughter has a male and female siamese fighting fish.OK I think I am done but I will add anyone I forgot LOL Deb :main_laugh:


Sorry my cat that I forgot to mention stepped on the keyboard and posted the post twice. I have two cats I forgot to mention: Loki my Black male Turkish Angora hes 9 yrs old and Tazzy or Taz a Black and white 10 yr old huge 17 pound cat hes just a DSH both were rescued by my dogs. Taz was in the snow nearly frozen, he suffered some sort of brain injury and he can't lose weight and has a few small issues. and Loki is pure bred cat, his mother was pregnant to a grand champion male and she got out of my neighbors house( the lady was 93) and had her kittens in an old barn that my dog found. the mother was dead outside. So I had 6 mouths to feed and Loki was the only black one in the bunch all of the others were white. But the father was black. So I kept him and he lives up to his name!!
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Plenty to list here...

0.2.0 Androctonus bicolor
0.0.2 Centruroides exilicauda
1.1.0 Centruroides gracilis
2.2.0 Centruroides vittatus
0.0.3 Hottentotta judaicus
2.1.0 Lychas mucronatus
1.2.0 Mesobuthus martensii
0.3.0 Pandinus imperator
0.0.1 Smeringurus mesaensis
0.0.1 Tityus falconensis
0.1.0 Vaejovis carolinianus

0.1.0 Aphonopelma seemanni
0.1.0 Grammastola pulchra
0.1.0 Heteroscodra maculata
0.1.0 Poecilothria regalis

Geckos (Shipping when the weather warms up)
0.0.3 Rhacodactylus ciliatus

0.1.0 Acrantophis dumerili
0.0.1 Python regius

1.0.0 Cairn Terrier
1.0.0 Guinea Pig
0.0.1 Domestic Rabbit
Oakland, CA
1.3 Acrantophis dumerili
0.3.4 Archispirostreptus gigas
1.1 Cute Mutt Dogs/Children
4.40.? Eublepharis macularius
1.1 Eryx conicus
1.1 Eryx mulleri
3.1 Felis domesticus
1.0 Gonyosoma oxycephala
1.3 Hemitheconyx caudicinctus
2.1 Heterodon nasicus
?.?.? Mus musculus
1.4.5 Oryctolagus cuniculus
1.2.? Rattus norvegicus
4.7.? Rhacodactylus auriculatus
6.12.? Rhacodactylus ciliatus
2.4 Rhacodactylus leachianus
0.1 Rhacodactylus sarasinorum
1.0 Rhacodactylus chahoua
0.0.4 Tiliqua gerrardi
0.1 Terrapene carolina

I think... thats about it.. Doesn't Include stuff for sale.

Intense Herpetoculture

Hmmm...I'm sure I'll forget some. Her is my personal collection of animals not for sale.

About 50-65 leopard geckos
Horned Toads (7?)
Various Draco species (flying lizards), 30?
1.3 Pipa pipa
0.0.6 Pipa parva Breeding Group
1.1 Northern Emerald Tree Boas
1.1 Atheris hispidus
2.2 Rhino Vipers
0.1 Spectacled Caiman
1.1 Mellers Chameleon
Various other Chameleons (20?)
Various Plethodontid Salamander species
Ornate Flying snakes (15?)
1.0 Common Boa
0.1 New Guinea Snake Neck Turtle
Various Ball Pythons (40?)
Hmmm.....I'll edit as needed. I know there are some I forgot.

12 Giant Black Millipedes
20 Yellow Congo Millipedes
About 40 Tarantulas

Various cichlids, eels, sharks, stingrays

1.1 Great Danes
1.1 Egyptian Fruit Bats
1.1 Two Toed Sloths
1.0 Possum
1.7 Sugar Gliders
1.4 cats (anyone want some cats?)

0.1 Red Lored Parrot

Ont, canada!

1.1 n.levis levis
1.1 u.mili
1.1 p.tigrinus
2.3 e.macularis
1.1 s. sthenodactylus
1.1 bearded dragons
0.0.1 green tree python
0.0.1 ball python
0.0.1 red albino cornsnake
0.0.1 red tail boa
0.1 german shepard
2.1.1(+3 eggs) crested geckos
1.1 hissing roaches
thats it.


12.22 Cornsnakes (I think)
6.16 Leopard Geckos (I think)
2.5 Boa Constrictor
1.0 BP
1.0 Grey Tree Frog
1.2 Western Hognose
1.0 Savannah Monitor
0.0.1 Nile Monitor

1.0 DSH Kitty
1.1 Mini Rex Bunnies
1.0 Fiancee (yeah, he's at the bottom of the list :main_laugh: )


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1.2 het Albino ball pythons
1.2 Pastel ball pythons
1.3 ball pythons
2.2 bearded dragons
1.1 Dogs
1- 75 gallon fish tank Albino Oscar
0.2 Guinea Pig

0.1 blazing blizzard
1.0 Super mack
0.1 Tremper albino (Waiting for it to arrive once the temp's are better)
0.1 Super Tangelo or Giant albino from Ron Tremper himself