Question about AFT..


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I've had my AFT for almost a year. He's always been fine but as of lately his poop has changed mass and color. Up until recently his poop looked normal but the past week or so possibly, it has been this chalky green color and a solid mass. Not hard, it breaks a part and has a chalky texture too. The inside is white. I can't find too much anywhere about what it could be and I was hoping I could get an answer or answers here. He is on repti carpet, he has two hides one on the cool side one on the warm side. He has a heating pad, 75 watts if I remember correctly, there is a 'heat lamp' above him, but I bought a super low watt bulb, like 10 or something along those lines, very small so he can have a sense of daylight. He usually eats meal worms, he doesn't exactly care for crickets and won't go after them. I haven't fed him wax worms in about a month or so.
I need to know if this is normal or what's going on? I cleaned out his entire tank 4 days ago just to be sure I got rid of anything in there that could be harming him. I'm not too sure if he's eating, a lot of meal worms escape and it's hard to keep track. And I do see him being active, moving from the warm side to the cool side a few times every day. I'm extremely concerned that his health may be bad or that there could be a parasite. Any information would be extremely helpful!!!


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No way to know, really. I'd worry more if the poop is stinky. It really makes sense to take him and a poop sample to a reptile vet.


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