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Well I took a recommendation from some others on here and started emailing around a few feeder suppliers. When I started talking to Nicole at Sunshine I immediately got amazing customer service. She answered all my questions quickly and thoroughly, even figured out shipping costs to my location, gave me advice, etc. So I decided I'd take the plunge and try them out (the last place I got stuff from, half the crickets died before they got here and I just didn't want to deal with their customer service...they have a bad rap apparently). I couldn't order any until Wednesday because that's when I get paid and asked if they would ship thursday for overnight. Nicole said she'd send them two day air and I could just send a check when I got it. Now if that isn't great customer service, I don't know what is.
Okay, that's the customer service side. Now for the feeders. I got 1000 1/4in crix, and 1000 small mealies. I lost maybe 20 crickets in the transfer and 5 mealworms (I didn't actually count, just making a visual guess). All the insects were lively and looked great. Wish I had a picture, but anywho. That's just pretty good numbers in my opinion.

So, I would recommend Sunshine to anyone that doesn't already use them. Great service (superb actually) and their insects look good. I'll be buying from them in the future :).

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I've used them many years ago before they had the fire. The only problems i had was billing issues, but it got fixed. I was happy with their service.


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I love the fact that I can call Sunshine (always get the same lady now I know her name Thanks arconna:) state my name and what I want and my order is done that fast. They don't ever ask for my address or CC as its saved in thier database.


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I'll have to give them a call on Monday and try them out. I've tried ordering from them in the past, but my emails always bounced back. I appreciate the feedback though. Thanks.

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