Tremper Albino Super Snow [FEMALE]


United States
Hi :) I am interested in buying (within the next few months) a new female leopard gecko for my collection and to start a breeding project with.

I have been eyeing super snows for a while, and recently i discovered that it is possible to make an albino super snow, and i find them much more amazing than any other morph and on par with the dreamsicle morph.

I have found a few (generic) websites from which i can purchase one for cheap, but most of them cannot guarantee the gender and none of them even have an image of the actual animal they would be sending me. So i am trying here to see if i can find one from somebody i can trust with getting the information about the age, weight, gender, and what the animal looks like.

If you are selling an albino super snow (preferably tremper or rainwater albino, but bell is acceptable too) or know someone who is, it would be very appreciated for you to send me a text message or e-mail about it ^^

My e-mail is [email protected]
my mobile phone number is 925/518-5207
I am located in northern california but may be able to travel down as far as san diego if you are selling for a low price :)

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