Want to get a crestie, i have a few options. help?


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So i researched cresties for a few months now, and i really want one, so i looked at my options and i need advice.

I dont know if im allowed to post links, but some ad on craigslist nearby me: http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/for/2410547528.html and it looks like a good deal, i know the aquarium needs to be a 20 gallon tall for adults, but i figured this is tall enough. It has the accessories, the crestie isnt a baby, so its not as fragile and used to humans i guess. he also includes some crested gecko diet, so thats a plus. The only thing i dont like is the no tail part.

Second option, petco nearby has cresties. i know petco is horrible, and their cresties arent healthy as a horse, but i think i could take care of one and nurse it back to health. Slightly more expensive than the craigslist ad, but the crestie would have a tail. I do have an extra 20 gallon long sitting in my house, but i heard its not tall enough for cresties.

Last option: I could order from a breeder online, crestie in tip top shape. the most expensive option because of shipping, but worth it in the end.



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I would personally order from a breeder I know and/or can communicate with via email or phone. Do you have a reptile expo near you? If so, the vendors themselves are most likely the breeder of the geckos they are selling, you can talk to them in person and ask questions about specific geckos they have on their table for sale. Buying at an expo is cheaper than buying from the same breeder online, and you don't have to pay for shipping. Extra bonus, you see and hold before you buy :main_yes:

When you are looking at a gecko species that will not regenerate it's tail if they happen to drop it (due to stress, injury, ect) then you will always have a chance that it will end up being a frog-butt...not much you can do about that. They are still as active and healthy as other geckos with tails.

If you are really concerned about the frog-butt issue, then I would recommend looking into the gargoyle geckos. They require pretty much the EXACT same care/housing/food as a crested gecko, but they WILL regenerate their tails if they happen to drop it. :main_thumbsup: That's why I went the gargoyle route.

Regarding your 20gallon long....you can turn it sideways so that it is tall and the screen top is now on the front of the enclosure. Tons of people use their 20gallons in this manner for housing crested geckos or gargoyle geckos.

I might also recommend that you check out http://www.pangeareptile.com/forums/index.php
This forum specializes in crested geckos and other rhac species including the gargoyle.


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Just one added bit:

I personally think with cresties tail dropping may be linked to genetics in some ways. I have a group of 0.5 females that I've had for 3 years and live in pairs(2 females per setup) and they ALL still have their original tails. Every holdback baby I have produced from them has kept it's tail as well. It's just speculation, but I tend to think certain lines are more likely to produce potential frogbutts than others. This also goes hand in hard with temperment, though I will say 2 of those females are some of the most jumpy cresties in my group. Frankly I find that if crested geckos aren't handled too much and are handled carefully(no restraint, just hand walking) the majority will retain their tails just fine. Personally I have no issues with frogbutts, I find them endearing, but if you are really concerned about tail dropping and want a crestie buy an older animal(15grams+) and it will be less likely to drop as most tail droppage occurs during the first few months of the gecko's life. Of course, injury and mishandling can cause any crestie to drop tail, and it will never grow back. I keep both gargs and cresties and both have their merits(the gargs are slightly higher on my favorites list due to slightly better temperment IMO) and I don't think you can go wrong with either. I agree with Hannibal; breeder is best, but taking on a healthy crestie that needs a home and comes with a setup isn't a bad idea if you don't mind the frogginess too much.

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Try petsmart. If not buy from percolate when te creasty is young. I bought my leo from petsmart when he was 2 weeks and he is perfectly healthy