Will pay for Website help.


Pompano Beach, Florida
I am looking for someone who can help me (with a few specific changes) I need to enhance my website.

#1: Load time optimization
Below is a link to my picture page. I would like to maintain this general layout, but want to be sure it is optimized for quick loading. Is the HTML bloated?


#2: Image description spacing
The link below takes you to a page that shows the disparity in the description spacing. I've tried everything I know how to do, but have not been able to fix it.


#3: Paypal selection dropdown placement.
Again, I've included a link to a page that shows that the selection dropdown box is left justified rather than centered. Note that this was centered for me before my upgrade to Windows 7.


So, I guess what would be ideal is a master template of the page above that has the description spacing and dropdown placement corrected and is fully optimized for quick download and viewing.


Here is my main thumbnail display page:
http://www.floridanaturephotography.net/NEW FOLDERS/water-birds/Egrets/egret_CE_NEW/index.Egret_Cattle.html

Again, I would like to have a 'Master Template' of this page optimized for quick loading.

My main problem here is, if I don't have enough images to fill the thumb boxes the empty thumb boxes still show.

http://www.floridanaturephotography.net/NEW FOLDERS/water-birds/Egrets/index.Egrets.html

I would like to have it where only the thumb boxes that contain images are visible. I want to keep it at at least 20 Thumbs per page but will consider 25-30 if it will still load quickly.


I am also open to suggestions or ideas that will help my page have a slightly more professional look.
Maybe an actual logo or the like?. A different font?
My main page will need an overhaul as well, but for now I am mostly interested in the thumb & picture display pages.
I am not looking for anything that will delay viewing time. No sideshows or flash entrance. No music.

Michael Wolf

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Barrie, Ontario
Hi Michael -
I'm a web/graphic designer and developer. I can definitely help you out with the problems you're experiencing. However, first I must as the fated question: What is your budget? This is a pretty big undertaking, and I really think that if you were to graphically enhance your website I think your photography would "sing" a little more. I'd like to take the opportunity to say that your photography is stunning. If you'd like to hear more, or chat about the goals you have for your website, please feel free to email me at [email protected]