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    Can someone help me identify my new crested gecko

    His I just got a new crestie at my local repticon and I just realized I never figured out the morph of my new gecko. Could someone help me figure that out? I'll attach files below.
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    New gecko not eating and stuck shed.. Any advice?

    So I did put him in a little container with a paper towel and I sprayed it down with warm water and put him in there with some growth and breeding pangea and kinda hand fed him some. After that I've seen little indentions in the food from him eating so that's good. I believe he's starting to go...
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    New gecko not eating and stuck shed.. Any advice?

    I recently just got a new crested gecko. I got him from my local pet store and he has had a bit of stuck shed on him for a few weeks and it's beginning to concern me. He also never seems to want to eat, I force fed him some pangea but he still hates me and it's very hard to do that every night...
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    So I read somewhere that fat tail geckos can eat pangea meant for crested geckos. Is this true and is this OK for them? I have the growth and breeding diet.
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    Uvb help?

    Could I use a mini compact flourecent bulb for my fat tail. I currently don't have a thermostat for my heating pad so to prevent it from getting to hot I have it on a timer turning on and off. Could I use this bulb to bump the heat up a bit and show night from day.
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    Can someone review my new enclosure and setup

    Could you link me that forum?
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    Can someone review my new enclosure and setup

    I just got a juvenile fat tail and I wanted to make sure I wasn't making any mistakes. I've owned leopard geckos before but this is my first fat tail gecko. So I currently have one hide that is the warm hide and where my gecko has been staying. I have a heating pad but I the thermostat I ordered...