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    If I swab where do I put the sample
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    acpart replied to the thread Why do my geckos keep dying??.
    One really important question would be where you got them from and whether you got them from the same place. Aliza
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    So meanwhile, notice if the tail is kinked all the time or just on occasion. The reason I ask is that a truly kinked tail is often bent...
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    Soak the gecko in about 1/2" of warm water for a minute or so. Bundle the gecko in a towel and use your fingernails to pull off the...
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    Welcome! I've responded to your posts and am sorry that all my advice indicates that you should buy different things, but in the long...
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    acpart replied to the thread Heat lamps melting tank.
    Get rid of the heat lamp and get an under tank heater with a thermostat instead. That way you'll be providing belly heat and not drying...
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    acpart replied to the thread Temperature gradient issues.
    The best way to accomplish this is to get a 20 gallon long so there's more distance to achieve a temperature gradient. Aliza
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    Reptiles of Eden has Tokay geckos every once in awhile, as well as cresties and a few other species, so I'd try checking there. It's...
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    I have a 10 gal tank for my new gecko. I have two thermometers/hydrometers, one on each Side. The hot side sits just over 80°F with a...
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    Hi. I just got my first gecko. I have a 10gal. tank with two hides, reptile carpet, food and water dish, as well as so decor. I have a...
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    Poughkeepsie posted the thread Hello in Introduce Yourself!.
    I’m Corryne, a new leopard gecko owner. I love reptiles and all animals but I am having trouble regulating temp and humidity in my...
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    Buddof replied to the thread HELP Pls! ✋.
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    Hi this is my gfs leopard gecko age unknown young enough it seems maybe a year old, he is overall health and happy except it was...
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    I just got him. I haven’t held him, he’s 2months. I am waiting for a few months till he is bigger and it’s easier.
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    acpart replied to the thread Ovulation.
    Ovulation usually looks like round pinkish shapes in the upper to mid-abdomen, sort of like you were looking at a pencil eraser in...