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Hello, I am asking anyone on this forum if a 5.0 UVB Reptisun is fine for a leopard gecko? Thanks if anyone answers! :)
Hi, I was wondering if you had anyone in Portland, Oregon area that you would recommend as a someone to reach out to regarding finding a new home for our crested gecko? We have had her for 8 years, and I feel like she could benefit from greater attention. I don't want her to go to any home -- it needs to be a permanent home with a dedicated reptile owner. Thanks, Terry
Hey everyone! I love reptiles and currently have 3 leopard geckos (Isla, Mr. Wizard, and Cheddar.) If there's any extra info or anything that can be changed or critiqued on one of my threads, please let me know whatever you can. Thank you everyone!
This is completely unrelated to geckos but holy shoot this is just Rpnation but Geckos and I find that hysterical.