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Leaving Forum: Hi Yvonne. Isn't there a way we can actually take someone off the forum so they don't get any notifications about anything anymore?

Hello everyone! I am a first time reptile owner and just rescued a beautiful leopard gecko. I have a few questions on how long I should keep her heating lamp and UV lamp on (she has a heat pad under one of her hiding places) and I am just wondering how to give her the best care possible! If anyone has any tips for a first time gecko owner I would love to hear them! Thank you :)
I've tried my 3rd year of breeding my small Tremper Super Giant Leo colony, I have one 3-y.o S.G.Tremper Hi-Contrast Tangerine Banded Albino♂️ He's massive, Also S.G."Blood"♀️, Blood Banded ♀️a Hi-Contrast Sunglow Albino♀️, Blood Albino♀️ So the 1st year not so good Regroup learn some more, read more, last year ended up with 11 babies, So far this year still in progress
"Human Alien"