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    Leopard Gecko Group

    I would like to sell some of my surplus geckos as a group. Not entirely interested in breaking up the group unless you are take at least 10 geckos. You can Pm, call/text me 727 645 3584. Babies (~ 5-15grams) 9- female emerine/jungle tremper Juvies(~15-30grams) 5-Female raptors (couple...
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    3 Adult Males 1 Juvie Female

    Looking to sell some animals that either didn't fit in our projects or we had multiples of. All are eating great on Super Worms with the occasional crickets. Pm or email [email protected] for any questions or concerns. Email will get you the quickest response, I will get a notification on...
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    Scales or Tails New Site

    We have just launched the new Scales or Tails site. It is still very much in its infancy and we are constantly updating. We mainly launched it to cater to our Ball Python customers as we are running a lot of Sales to make room for the 2014 babies. Our Leopard Geckos have Started hatching and...
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    Great just give me a call!!! We pulled in wensday morning and we had a blast all day. There are alot more bums out here than I rembered from last year. One even told me to rock hard or go home. Of course I had to take a picture with him. I will post it when I get a second. We are going to St...
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    I'll Take you up on that Chris, I think we are going to have a Gecko ppl Dinner one of the Nights. I am talking to Matt and Malorie from Malt Geckos to make it happen. By Golf do you mean Real Golf or Mini Golf. I cant play real golf to save my life but sure wouldnt mind driving The carts Under...
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    I definetly will. I didnt take too many pics last year but plan on taking alot this year.
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    If you have talked to me within the last couple of months then you are well aware that ALL I have been thinking about is my 2010 trip to Daytona For The National Reptile Breeders' Expo. I went last year and made a 5-day vacation out of it for my 20th Birthday. This year as Thad(Ohio Gecko) Puts...
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    Male Mack Raptor & 2 Super Hypo Het Tremper Females

    Looking to Get Some Cash together for another Project. First is a Male Mack Raptor. He Hatched 3/24 weighs 17Grams, One 50% eye and one normal eye. He is eating everything!! Asking $120 plus Shipping Next are 2 Super Hypo het Tremper Females. They are both in the 80gram area. Again both...
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    You know you're a repti-holic when....

    You know your addicted to reptiles when you spend more time cleaning and feeding then you do sleeping. (Or maybe that means you have too many... NAHH NO WAY!!!!) Heres My Favorite: You know your addicted to reptiles when you Buy your Fiancee A Snake or Gecko she knows NOTHING about for her...
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    You know you're a repti-holic when....

    You Might be Addicted to Reptiles if..... your driving down the street and see a 2ft cottonmouth and you jump out the car to check it out but forget to put the car in park and almost run yourself over!!! True Story
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    Where Did All the Pythons Go???

    Interesting Video I saw while Watching Viper Keepers Videos on Youtube.
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    Spring is finally here

    Very Nice David!! I found a 3ft Black Racer in the Back yard Yesterday, Hopefully it will be a good year for Herpin. If anyone was wondering about him releasing the Scarlet Snake, Last year I found a gravid female, She laid eggs and i incubated them. David is more of a Colubrid Guy than I am...
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    2 Gargoyle Geckos

    Price reduced $130 Shipped for both.
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    Happy Birthday Kelli!!!
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    2 Gargoyle Geckos

    I am going to stick with Leos and Cresties. I am asking $60 each Plus shipping. They are both eating great on Crested Gecko Diet, Crickets and Roaches. They do have regen tails but have been steadily growing back. Email, Pm or Call/Text 727 645 3584. First Gecko: Second Gecko: (was...