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    Lets see your X-RAY pics.

    Cool pic, no x-ray pics here of my girls - although, I work in a building that x-rays all incoming packages/purses/briefcases; our guards always tease me and want to put my geckos through the x-ray machines when I have them shipped to the office.
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    to cold to ship?

    I just received two geckos earlier this week, the temps were in the high 30s between the breeder and me. She shipped using an insulated box and a heat pack. My girls were fine :) I'm glad I didn't have to wait until spring to get them.
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    Mealworm NOM video

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    Amusing hair cut

    What a handsome boy! I love his tail poof!!
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    Meet Toby!

    He's cute!!
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    Mealworms = NOM NOM NOM

    Thanks all :) Petey is a rather "special" boy - I need to try to get some video of him going crazy over the mealies. My other 3 cats, they don't want anything to do with the geckos or gecko food lol
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    They're late :/

    It also makes me angry that we pay so much for shipping that is supposed to be guaranteed delivered by 10:30 or 11:00 (can't remember what time it is for FedEx) and then they're late!
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    They're late :/

    Good luck with your babies! I'm sure they'll be fine!! The only shipment I had with Fedex and my geckos was late too - but it was a very hot day. I called 3 times to let them know it was live animals, but they just kept telling me he'd be here in 15 minutes - 45 minutes later he showed up...
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    black friday

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    Get $3 in MP3s on

    :D :main_thumbsup: Found this on another site. Amazon is giving $3 toward MP3s with tons of albums for $5. I got the new-ish Black Eyed Peas album for $2!!! Thought I'd share with my fellow GFers! Promotional offer valid for a limited time only and subject to change. Promotional offer is...
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    black friday

    Srt14292 - Black Friday (also called Blitz Friday) is when stores do massive sales the day after Thanksgiving to kick-start the holiday shopping season :) This was my first and, most likely my last, Black Friday! Nightmare!! We went to Office Depot to get a $20 router (it sucks lol) and there...
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    Mealworms = NOM NOM NOM

    Petey, my delightful leopard gecko stuck in the body of an 18 pound Ginger Kitty-body. He loves mealies, every time I get the container out to feed he starts purring and crying until I give him a few. :) He's a goofy boy :main_yes: (I'm sorry, I'M addicted to LOLcats speak) Ohh, wats dis...
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    Happy Veterans Day!! *post pics here*

    Happy Veteran's Day :) Prior service Army here. Only in for a year though, I was injured in a training exercise and Uncle Sam gave me the combat boot out the door. I loved it and miss it. Now I work for the Federal Government :) I want to express my gratitude to anyone that has served or is...
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    Show Off Your Cages

    Great looking set ups, everyone! Here's my 55G girl community tank. and my 29G for my little one that is unsexed and too small to go with the big girls (fingers crossed that it'll be a girl!)
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    Juvies update <3

    Very pretty!