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    Need a laugh? (HALRIOUS!)

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    Eating too much?

    leos will stop eating if they are full so i dont think youd b over feeding them..but id leave those meal,wax,super worms only for treats since they're high in fat
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    you could use 1 part clorox or however u speall it and 9 parts water, or if u want to keep it simple, water the inside of the tank a little bit and rubb it down with those disinfecting whipes then wait till it drys and WALA!! lol
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    Having A Feeling................

    id get a bearded dragon...unlike leos theres been occasions where dragon pet owners have said that their dragon remembers them and knows the sound of their voice..they're also reallie docile and rairly bite if handled from a young age..or look into Mali Uromastyx, they've got some CRAZY morphs...
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    u dont use frozen ones for leos bro..leopard geckos are stimulated by movement..thats why they dont eat veggies or fruits like iguanas and mali uromastyx live pinkies for sure
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    Tank Size

    Ok everybody. I've got a female bell albino whos about 5 years old and isn't going to get much bigger..I've got her in a 10 gallon tank but i feel like she needs more space. Would a 15 gallon be ok to move her into? Or should i just stick with the 10 gallon? Need your input people...
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    hey everyone!! ive got a youtube account set-up with videos on my female leo regarding feeding,tank set-ups,heating/lighting,ect.!!! my username on it is leogeckoman and my url link is ...check it out! and hope it helps
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    how often do you feed your geckos?

    i fed my first leo (my male dozer) everie daie for 7 months then i started to feed him everie other daie but just added one more cricket,meal worm,wax worm wen i fed juvies and babies everie daie and adults and becoming adults everie other daie (this is my opinion)
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    UTH or Regular UV Day Light Bulb??

    ohhhh ok no doubtt!!!
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    wax worms another feeding Q

    wow ok..well if u have tongs wat u can do is take your leo out his/her tank right place it on your computer desk or a table, pull out a waxie and instead of puttin it in front of your leo put it to the side and let it wiggle around on the table..ive noticed that my gecko's eyes arent alwaies...
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    Geckos and Bright Light

    yea i hold my female bell albino in my room and the onlie light she gets it from the sun out the window or my room light..i use a night light 50watt..u should try an UTH
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    How do you guys keep your crickets?

    i seen a video on youtube with a kid that had it its green a grey..and has like a clear holding area for the crickets i could look into for ya if ya'd like..
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    wow i made no sense in my first post lmaoooo i ment if there are no bulges nor pores visible then its a old are the leos you are trying to sex??if they around around 6 months they're usuallie easie to sex
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    Is he too fat?

    wow ehatcher..your female looks so thick (in a good waie) and shes onlie about a year old?????my female bell albino is about 5 and shes waiiieee thinner then yours..but she looks good though shes prettie
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    Blue... BLUE! ALL I SEE IS BLUE!!

    yea i guess..if u want to get technical with it