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    Beardie Questions

    Hello I dont know a whole lot about bearded dragons but i am thinking about getting one soon. I have a couple questions on which lighting the use and whats best for them to eat and how big the cage should be:) thx:main_laugh:
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    Staying in one spot is something wrong???

    Hey Nicole Im not a huge expert on beardies but my guess would be he either has something wrong with him or he is trying to get heat. you should check under his belly to see if there are any burns. if there are, you may need medical attention. If he doesnt move from there anytime soon, i would...
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    Kenyan Sand Boas

    Just a normal
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    Emperor Scorpion care???

    I will be purchasing an emperor scorpion soon and i am wondering a little bit about the for these little guys. Any help? Thanks!:D
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    Kenyan Sand Boas

    I would like to purchase a sand boa. Any suggestions or breeders i can go to? This will be my first snake so..:D