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    Bell Females

    Looking for 1-3 bell females that are/will be ready to breed in 2012. Hoping to find someone in the northeast/new england area so as to avoid shipping. NOTE: I have a couple smaller bell males I would be willing to trade.
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    Starting a reptile store

    I haven't posted here in a while, but the store is now open. We are @ 959 Main St. Winchester, MA if you are in the area, stop in and say "Hi"
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    Manchester NH reptile show 10/9

    I will be there as well. I have leopard and crested geckos as well as some supplies. This show keeps getting bigger and better each time. Hope to see some of you there.
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    Hudson Valley Reptile Expo 9/25 Poughkeepsie, NY

    I can't speak for any other vendors, but this show was a big success for me. I sold a good number of leos and received many compliments. Can't wait for the next Poughkeepsie show in February!
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    are any of you working with dinkers?

    Sorry to show my ignorance, but... What is a 'dinker"? thanks
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    Starting a reptile store

    The renovations to the store are taking longer than I hoped. Although it is going to look nice once it is done. Hoping to get the pet shop permit in the next couple weeks and open for business by Oct. 1.
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    The debt ceiling debate

    Forgot I made the OP. As I predicted, the debate led to no real solution and the 'cuts' in spending are over 10 years with most cuts in the last years, so they have plenty of time to change the law. I agree that we need to bring our troops home. I wouldn't stop at 90% though. We need to get...
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    Hudson Valley Reptile Expo Sept 25 presents the Hudson Valley Reptile Expo September 25th! Hudson Valley Reptile Expo September 25th 9:30-4:00 Mid-Hudson Civic Center Poughkeepsie, N.Y I will be vending at this one. Hope to see you there.
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    Maine Herp Society show in Portland

    Show is canceled because of the tropical storm. See ya in Portland next year.
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    Maine Herp Society show in Portland

    I'm planning to be there as well. Hope Irene doesn't scare the crowds away.
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    Developing a frog addiction

    Got my first frog in May and now I have 4 species. Feel like I need more. Is this normal? In May I got a big-eye tree frog (peacock tree frog) for free with some geckos I purchased. I went to the terrarium supply store to make it a naturalistic terrarium and came home with 0.0.3 E. tricolor...
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    Starting a reptile store

    Thanks Seamus and Aliza! Your input is invaluable. I think I will look into having some display enclosures custom-built. I like the look of these -> But they are probably too pricey.
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    anole hatchling!

    Wow! Glad you found it. Good luck securing the screen.
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    Starting a reptile store

    I'm wondering if these Visionariums would be a good option? Thanks, Aliza. I'll keep an eye on craigslist for any bargains. A few weeks ago I found 4 exo-terra 12x12x12's on there, but keep forgetting to check it daily.
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    Starting a reptile store

    Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement! [and offers of help] I'm making progress. My family has been helping with painting etc. Hope to have the 'construction' part done in a couple weeks. Then I'll need someone from the state to come and inspect. Hopefully, I'll have the permit by the...