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    Outstanding Tangerine Amels

    That mandarin is awesome!
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    A couple of Zeros

    Lovely! Congrats Alex! :)
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    how long till white out prices come down?

    I wish they do not fall because I will be producing some soon. But that's just me talking against the market supply and demand. However, none of my future whiteouts offsprings will be "empty" inside though (if you catch my drift ;)). So I don't really mind whether their prices go up or down LOL!
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    My very first AFT.

    Nice specimen. Kudos!
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    Some fatty babies from our Super Zero Breeding

    What's the animal in the fourth picture? Looks "different".
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    Hi guys, I am completing my collection and I am left with only one empty spot to fill. I need a good looking male dreamsickle to add into the collection. If you have one that's good looking and thinking of selling it, do send his picture to me together with his full details and price. Let me...
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    I luv em...

    Thanks guys. Glad you like em :)
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    I luv em...

    And Pat (Kline): Your animals produced eggs like bunnies...LOL! Glad to have them in my collection :)
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    I luv em...

    Hi guys, it's been a while but below is a picture of some of my amels: I luv em... Bloodlines vary from: 1. JMG Reptile 2. VMS Herp 3. Malaysian ;) I got others too but they just finished their season now. Therefore, I don't think they would want to be photographed due to the...
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    I bought to sell...

    kenske: Awesome! What's the size of the male and female is gram? Can't wait to breed mine :)
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    I bought to sell...

    I tried that before (hets X hets) but the wait is killing me. Especially when the odds are againts me. It was on different sets of animals though. :) I prefer visuals...for males to breed to several female hets. The odds seem to favor me more. Just my experience though. Nothing fancy :).
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    I bought to sell...

    Line? The pink pastel from Lori (BHB), the orange albino from Ron (Tremper) and Extreme red from Justin (extremehogs). As for the extreme red, I didn't get directly from him but rather bought it off another guy who bought it from Justin. Justin's ran out of stock LOL! I wanted a visual snow...
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    I bought to sell...

    Yup, silly me ;) LOL! Sounds like a promising project you got there Greg. :)
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    I bought to sell...

    ...but upon arrival, I decided to keep them all. Here is some of what I have: Pink Pastel Albino Orange Albino Extreme Red Albino They are still small though. So I need to beef them up before they "get jiggy" with the ladies :D I never knew hogs could be so awesome. Well I...
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    Hi guys, I am looking to add these into my project: 1.0 Bold stripe Bell 1.0 Super Raptor Let me know your best price if you got any for sale and just pm me their pictures. I will handle the rest from there with my shipper. Thanks -Firdaus-