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    MY NEW BABY! My first hatchling ever , I am very proud and happy and more picture my theard DSC_0633 by Holliskid23, on Flickr more pics here DSC_0614 by Holliskid23, on Flickr
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    I honestly teared....
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    Home Made Perches?

    Sup man, This is Holliskid23. For perches I would use a the thickest wooden dowel I could buy(their like $1.29 + or less) and get a one of those sticky black things when you buy a heat mat. And you put it on both end of the dowel (make sure you cut the dowel it appropriate length ) and stick...
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    Ovulating Leopard Gecko or Gravid

    plese dont write........ something happen while processing the pictures
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    Ovulating Leopard Gecko or Gravid

    This is some pics i got of her i think she is gravid and these are the eggs