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    Timon Pater and Lepidus - hibernated naturally outside in UK

    All 4 of them have survived, a pair of Timon Lepidus and a pair of Timon Pater. As far as I am aware a 'first' this far North in the UK. Anyway - here they are today (the male Pater wouldn't hang around so is only pictured once in the branches but he is VERY green already). Lepidus...
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    Big Luii Little Luii..

    Boris - Adult Male Boris Headshot His Offspring His offspring's headshot
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    Goinurosaurus Orientalis

    Hi all, Been searching all over for some g. orientalis and struggling to be honest. I have a couple but would like some fresh blood, so if anyone can help out with this please let me know! I can get collection from Hamm show arranged, may even be going over in September in person if all...
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    Let sleeping dog(s) lie.........

    I'm sure he will be fine..... My fault for using 'mutt', but over here it's not used as a 'mixed' description, just as another phrase for dog! Anyway thanks for the nice comments, I'm sure Indy will be happy ( then gain he always is......!)
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    Let sleeping dog(s) lie.........

    Thanks - he is photogenic for sure ! Oh Marcia he will be upset...... He's a pedigree ! Pure Welsh Springer.... Not too many of them about even over here, beautiful dogs but even harder work than English Springers! :main_laugh:
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    Let sleeping dog(s) lie.........

    Here's my mutt doing what he does second best after being a deranged mentalist! :p
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    New Adult Male

    Got this guy from deepest Denmark at the Hamm show ! 'Tanaka' - Fully adult, couple of years old, so here's hoping my two little ones are female... :main_thumbsup: My friend also got another adult male - Tia. Hope you like em ....
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    A few new ones from Patternless Project

    Cool Little Fatties Thorsten ! Congrats ! :main_thumbsup:
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    Wanted for Hamm collection - radar females

    Nobody ?? :main_huh:
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    Indy - my Welsh Springer

    Haha.... Well spotted! ;0) Yeah he's a great dog, like all springers he is hard work at times but the softest, daftest dog you can imagine! He's my mate...... Welshies are beauts too, he gets lots of attention from people when he is out and about.....
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    Wanted for Hamm collection - radar females

    Radar or eclipse het radar (bell) female for Hamm in Dec. I have a snow Bell het eclipse male and would love a radar female or eclipse het bell female for shipping to and/or collection from Hamm Let me know what you have folks by pm.... Thanks in advance
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    Indy - my Welsh Springer

    We named the Dog Indiana....... (film fans !):D Hope you like him!