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    Need help with sexing geckos

    I have thought about that and with how few they have I think I’ll be okay I also have lots of extra tanks. I noticed some mating behavior from the male, shaking the head and rubbing his head with the other. I’m not sure if it a for sure sign that they are opposite genders I’m not sure if it...
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    Need help with sexing geckos

    The male I have is obviously male but I got a second one which is slightly smaller and has faint pores and only a few. My males stick out quite a bit and are fully along the width of his body while my other has only four on each side. They get along and what I have found online says it is...
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    Help is something wrong!! (tip of tongue black)

    As I was letting my giant Day gecko lick honey off my finger I noticed his tongue was black on the tip. Is this normal or is there something wrong.