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    My kitten's friend

    "Melon"? Or "Cream" like Peaches and Cream? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Past Field Herping

    Here are just a few pictures of some herps I've encountered recently Found all these babies in the skimmer of my pool! Poor guys were super tired of treading, I think. Not sure on the ID of this guy, but maybe an Eastern Box Turtle? Found this guy in my yard an hour or two ago, probably got...
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    I Found A Big Watersnake

    At first glance I thought I had stumbled across a cottonmouth! Then, I took a look at it's pupils and they were rounded. A sat with him/her for awhile and drew them in a little herp sketchbook of mine. I got a little stupid and decided to literally pet the poor fellow :p. He didnt strike but...