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    Oh, hello again.

    So I realize I last visited this site, er, about a year and a half ago. Whoops. My male Mack Snow, Nihlus, is doing well. He's 2 years old, and he's big, sassy, and beautiful. A&M Geckos really do a fantastic job. His colors are a little dull in this picture, as he was just going in to a...
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    Bob or not to bob?

    Absolutely! And I puff my cheeks out when Garrus flares his beard. I think it's funny. :) Note: I am also the sort of person who meows back at cats.
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    It's red eye season!

    Congrats on the new clutches, Tony! I may have told you this before (as I get older, the memory starts to go... wait, who are you?), but my boss has an RETF tattoo on her leg. I'm thinking I should convince her to buy a couple from you for our shop!
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    Best Rock Opera

    I have a couple "others" to add, because I'm in to obscure music and am having a really hard time deciding for myself. Ludo: "Broken Bride" (ESPECIALLY act II "Save Our City") The Decemberists: "The Hazards of Love"
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    Guess it's that time!

    Oh my goodness! The ring is beautiful, and I am so excited for you! Here's to many years of wedded bliss.
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    Very Negative Feeback for MG Reptiles mgreptiles

    ... You do realize this thread is almost four years old, right? Serious necromancy case here.
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    on being self-employed in a down economy

    I work in a pretty thankless field, too. I'm part of a VERY small grooming shop (there's five of us working there, total). People come in all the time, complaining about price/time/the way the dog looks. I mean, seriously, we can't bathe/dry/clip/brush a Shih Tzu in one hour, and we certainly...
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    The "What are you listening to" thread

    (psst...) There's already another one of these floating around.
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    MegaRay UV bulb?

    I just received mine a little under a month ago, and I am THRILLED with it. In that time, my juvenile beardie (Garrus) has gone through two sheds, and has put on 20 grams in body weight. This bulb is absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend it over any other UVB source.
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    It was GREEN/Black

    My interest is piqued! I would love to see pictures of this crestie.
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    Some of My Show Rabbits

    Congrats on your awesome show record! I know about Netherland Dwarfs, but I never got to work with any (my high school vo-ag program had a good rabbit breeding program), sadly. I know they make awesome pets. I looooove the squirrel color. Are you breeding for any colors in particular, or just...
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    So what do you collect that doesn't have a pulse

    I'm a major Boston fan, too. And it was a crying shame that the Super Bowl was cancelled. Same as the World Series last year. Well actually, it was a shame that they stopped the MLB season halfway through the summer. The Sox were doing pretty darn well then!
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    So what do you collect that doesn't have a pulse

    I tried collecting those pennies too! I know exactly which ones you're talking about. But I never have the correct combination of change on hand when I see the machines. So that stopped pretty quickly. Shot glasses are fun to collect, too. This is one my roommate owned, and it was my absolute...
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    So what do you collect that doesn't have a pulse

    I collect currency from around the world. My great-grandpa started me off with all the coins and bills he brought back from being stationed in Guam in WWII. I still keep all my coins in the old soap tin he gave me, too. And I also collect movie ticket stubs and concert ticket stubs. The movie...
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    Guess what's wrong in the XRay, round 3

    Yay for getting it right! Boo for owners not bringing their dog in for normal vet work. :( I hope everything turns out well for the poor dog, but I don't have much faith in the owners.