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    A small steppe

    The purpose of the coin in the pictures is to show how small the eggs are and the birth size of the lizard. The coin is only placed in the tubs for the sake of taking the pictures it is removed immediately after the pictures have been taken. All the eggs have now successfully hatched.
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    Albino Close up Normal het Albino Thank you for your time.
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    Some of our hogs

    Some of our hogs
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    A small steppe

    4 eggs have successfully hatched, all the babies are very lively and settling in very well
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    A small steppe

    we are in the middle of compiling an article on the steppes, as they are very new to England. All the information will be on there shortly
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    A small steppe

    We believe these are the first UK captive bred Steppe Runners. Found this beauty had hatched over night. This one hatched this evening, seemed to tire it out quite a lot but it is fine now. Just after hatching. These should be hatching in the next few days. This little one...
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    Stinking Goddess

    This is one of our two pairs but the only one that would stay still long enough. Thank you for your time.
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    Texas Rat Snake

    This lady is settling in really well, her partner is a lot more camera shy hope to get pictures of him soon. thank you for your time.
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    Amel Tessa

    We are so pleased with this little lady. Our very first Amel Tessa.
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    Tessa and Unusual Corn babies

    Some of this years baby's We believe this is the first Amel Tessa hatched in the UK There was only one Amel out of the clutch but these are 2 of the normal tessas from the clutch. The 2 babies that we brought last year are coming along really well Amel Tessa Anery Tessa...
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    King Rats - Future Projects

    Future projects Picked these beauties up recently. They have settled in really well. We now have 2 pairs. We also got this lovely female. love how shiny she is Thank you for your time.
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    Steepe Runners

    They have settled in really well and are getting bigger. Thank you for your time.
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    Anaconda Hogs

    Love Friday Baby number 1 - just hatched Baby number 2 - just hatched Baby number 1 - a few hours later Baby number 2 - a few hours later We have been blessed with another Anaconda and 2 normals. Will add pictures later in the week.
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    Steppe Runners

    Our new babies they are just settling in but are very lively
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    Crocodile Skinks - Hear me roar

    Hello Chrissy We think they will, the parents do not have the colour, but as these are the first we have successfully raised only time will tell.