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    what is best in the moist hide?

    I use the eco earth that comes in a brick then you have to water it down for it to expand. I also place moss within the hide. Its not sphagnum moss, but a different type. Im sorry I cant give the same but I buy it a lowes for real cheep. Only need to spray it maybe once every other week.
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    Snakes kept together??????????

    Ok JB Reptiles thanks for your information.
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    Snakes kept together??????????

    Ok great thanks for the input
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    morph id?

    I have found that out. I bought her from a local pet shop and they labeld her as a fire , but im still new to morph identity in these snakes. So i just wanted other peoples thoughts. Thanks for replying.
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    morph id?

    No one has any ideas????
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    morph id?

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    morph id?

    I was told she was a fire morph. Comments please.
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    Shedding issues

    Hello all, I have a female python and she has been sitting in her water dish for almost a week now. She is going to shed, and I know that snakes do this before they shed if they live in a dry environment. So I built a new hide box filled with vermiculite and moss which I keep moist, I also...
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    Snakes kept together??????????

    Does anyone have a comment?
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    Snakes kept together??????????

    Hello all I was just wondering if one can keep multiple female ball pythons together in a large enough cage. Also does anyone keep male and female pythons together year long, and not just for breeding? This thought just popped into my head and thought I'd ask the people of the site. Thanks...
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    New Ball Python!!

    Looks normal to me.
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    3rd clutch (Het Ghost X Het Ghost)

    Nice good job. Eggs look great, also I like the way your keeping them from moving are those tooth pick's?
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    WooHoo! Eggs!

    Nice they look great
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    Breeding weight?

    Hello all I just wanted to know what is a good body weight for a male balled python to be at. Thanks again.