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    morph id?

    I have found that out. I bought her from a local pet shop and they labeld her as a fire , but im still new to morph identity in these snakes. So i just wanted other peoples thoughts. Thanks for replying.
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    morph id?

    No one has any ideas????
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    morph id?

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    morph id?

    I was told she was a fire morph. Comments please.
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    Shedding issues

    Hello all, I have a female python and she has been sitting in her water dish for almost a week now. She is going to shed, and I know that snakes do this before they shed if they live in a dry environment. So I built a new hide box filled with vermiculite and moss which I keep moist, I also...
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    3rd clutch (Het Ghost X Het Ghost)

    Nice good job. Eggs look great, also I like the way your keeping them from moving are those tooth pick's?
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    WooHoo! Eggs!

    Nice they look great
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    Breeding weight?

    Hello all I just wanted to know what is a good body weight for a male balled python to be at. Thanks again.