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    Moist hide question

    Aside from the moss, the fact that he only uses the warm hide may mean the tank is a tad bit too cold. You might want to check up on that. Moist hides seem to work better for me if it's on the cool side.
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    What we can't buy at local stores we order from Backwater Reptiles. Mostly roaches, but the orders are always super healthy. They've gotten to know us and include extra roaches and food and water crystal samples in every order. My geckos love roaches more than any other insect.
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    Can I use potting soil and eco earth together for my leopard?

    I'd imagine this would be fine, as long as there's no chemicals in the potting soil. Also make sure the substrate doesn't get to damp at all.
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    Hey everybody!

    Really? I love that name for orange-ish leos (she's a blend of stuff, but mostly Tangerine) and I thought for sure that it would be a common name. However, yours is the first I've heard of besides mine with the name Phoenix! Maybe I don't talk to enough leo people.
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    Leopard Gecko Care

    Aliza – Totally agree. All geckos are different, and all setups are different, and it depends on what your conditions are.
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    Leopard Gecko Care

    I agree with almost all of this, except a couple of things: I keep my leos on Eco Earth, which is relatively digestible in small amounts. I also tong feed the majority of their food, so the risk of impaction is low. Having loose substrate allows them to dig and mold their enclosure how they...
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    List All Your Animals Here!

    Thanks guys! I've been using these forums for a really long time, I should know that!
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    Not Interested in Mealworms?

    Are you sure he was a leopard gecko? Unless you live in their natural area it's pretty unlikely that's what it is. If you live in certain parts Texas, it could be a Texas banded gecko, which looks similar but has pretty different care. There are actually many species of gecko that look very...
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    List All Your Animals Here!

    0.1 yellow-bellied slider – Abby 1.1 leopard geckos – Phoenix and Godzilla 0.1 corn snake – Bailey 1.1 western terrestrial garter snakes – Freya and Loki 0.0.2 Woodhouse toads – Teddie and Freddie 0.0.1 Arizona blonde tarantula – Jupiter 0.1 rose hair tarantula – Charlotte 1.0 common goldfish –...
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    Hey everybody!

    I have two leopard geckos and I'm here for both routine and emergency advice. The gecko in my profile is my rescue, Godzilla (I'm his third home) and the gecko I recently posted a picture of is Phoenix, who's currently sitting on my lap. I love all animals but cold-blooded is more of my thing...
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    I've only got two leopard geckos, but they're the best thing ever! I love geckos and reading...

    I've only got two leopard geckos, but they're the best thing ever! I love geckos and reading about people's geckos and getting advice from people who have real experience.
  12. Phoenix


    This is my two-year-old, Phoenix. She is absolutely the sweetest animal I have ever worked with. I love how geckos have such big personalities in such small packages. :)