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    Cassadaga.... Buddy, what happened?

    Also, thank you Tony for bringing this thread to my attention!
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    Cassadaga.... Buddy, what happened?

    Hey Chris, this has been on my mind, but it always gets over shadowed by the next problem I'm having. Back in October I lost my job, my house, and my girlfriend all in the same month, and have basically been struggling to keep my head above water since then. I only got a new job a few weeks...
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    Firewater females

    I have two Firewaters, incubated female, ready to go. The first one is from Firewater "het" Redstripe X Melanistic Red Stripe het RW. She was hatched on 7/29 and weighs about 14 grams. $150 + shipping. Next is a Firewater Redstripe from Firewater "het" Redstripe X Firewater Redstripe...
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    Live Music

    I used to go to a lot of live shows, but it's been a while for me now. Here are some of what I've seen: Cursive (5x) Violent Femmes (6x) Bright Eyes (5x) Radiohead (2x) Eastern Youth (3x) Willie Nelson (2x) Pixies (3x) Wilco (2x) Beck (2x) The Good Life Arcade Fire Lightening Bolt...
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    Any one else going to be at the August 14th Portland Reptile expo?
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    NBA Playoffs

    Boston is our last hope to beat the Lakers.
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    NBA Playoffs

    It's fairly shocking that Cleveland is gone, but it's proving Lebron doesn't have the killer instinct, making him a lot less of a threat. Everyone is picking Orlando over Boston because Orlando is so hot right now, but it doesn't make sense to me. Orlando played the Bobcats and the Hawks...
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    Feel free to add me, the link is under my avatar and info.
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    NBA Playoffs

    Portland over Phoenix tonight!
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    NBA Playoffs

    We can never be friends then.:main_no:
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    NBA Playoffs

    I know some of you guys have to be following the Playoffs. I thought we needed a thread for it. I'm a big Blazers fan, and we made it to the 6th seed, playing 3rd seed Phoenix Suns. The series is 2-3 Suns right now, but Game 6 is tomorrow, here in Portland, and hopefully I'll be there to make...
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    I'm possibly interested in trading one of my female Rainwater albinos for a female Tang or Creamsicle, must have no hets. I have a few RWs I'm considering for this trade, all are of the Firewater line.
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    1st hatchling of the season

    So the sibling is a Patternless too? Awesome geckos man!
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    Ultra Reduced Price on Sunglow Red Stripes

    Sold, thanks.