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    Veterans Day (Week Sale) HUGE!!! (3daysleft)

    Looking to get a gecko for $75ea. Well at Avangel Reptiles you can until 11/10/14. If you purchase two or more geckos, you will get each one at $75 a peace. Just message us which one and we will take good care of you. I am a Veteran, and I approve this sale. :) Sent from Avangel...
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    Before Christmas Sale

    The days are counting down and you are running out of time. So take advantage of this "holiday" present I have for you. Think about how beneficial this could be for you when you read it. If you purchase 2 geckos, I will give you a 25% discount on a future purchase for next seasons geckos, and...
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    Taking a break from geckos

    I am taking a break from geckos in order to better build up the business first. So I will be needing to sale off quite a few geckos. With that being said, I will need your help selling them. Let me know what you are looking for. You can check my for what else I have.
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    $99 for any gecko until 8/19/12 10:28pm PST

    Here is the link on where all the geckos are, must like fb page to get the deal. Simple enough right? Also if you buy 2 you get the third half off.
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    500 likes for a free gecko giveaway.

    Well I know the rules, so here is a couple geckos for sell, but what I am offering is a free gecko once my facebook page reaches 500 likes by the end of July. I will choose 5 candidates from the 500 and one will be chosen by the "500 likers." If you want to know more about the rules, check out...
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    Group prices

    These geckos are the start of something amazing. I will finally be able to give out quality geckos at quantity prices. You will get a chance to pair up what you are trying to make like creams, bloods, radar, bbb, and so much more. Please email me or text me if you have any questions...
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    Avangel Sell

    This is a few of what is or sell. We have babies hatching continuously. So do not hesitate to see if we have what you are looking for. You may also text or call me (909)851-2121 and from there you can acquire the gecko that fits your future projects. We have some adults as well. If you want...
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    Eclipse (Tremper)

    Sale ends 7/10/12
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    Bell Blizzard.

    Here are a few Bell projects, Blizzard, Radar and all that you can get your hands on. This is a 1.3 breeding project, and the potential is endless. Also here are some more geckos for sell.--> If you have...
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    Eclipse (Tremper)

    Just letting you know we still have some available, and you still have time, but not that much.
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    Eclipse (Tremper)

    Here are a few Eclipse and het Eclipse that you can get your hands on. Most of the babies came from breeders that are unique, so I combined them to see what I would be able to create. Also here are some more geckos for sell.-->...
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    What's for sell.

    40% discount on everything gecko. Discount starts 5/25/12 and ends 5/27/12 at 11:59 pst. Get everything that you wanted at a killer discount before they are gone or prices go back up.
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    What's for sell.

    Here is a few of what I have for sell. I am going to put up a couple geckos here and a link to the others that are on my facebook page. This comes from my Red Stripe het Radar (Dad is a Lavender Red Stripe) x...
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    Various Leopard Geckos

    This just makes it easier, but check out what is for sell here. These and so much more.
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    Radar stuff!

    Avangel Reptiles is now taking deposits on the Radar babies, the deposit is 50% and non refundable. The babies pairing will ship once they reach 15g. What is possible to be produced at the highest peak of this breeding is a Red Stripe Hypo Snow Radar, and at the lowest is a Normal het Radar...