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    New addition

    She looks nice! I love the terrarium C:
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    Interesting Find...

    Funny haha, this is really lame lolz. I Endanger my life every day then XD
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    Morph site

    One of the sites where crestie morps were described good is gone. Doe any one know a good site? Thanks
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    kinky - green tree python

    Wow really nice, yours has the blue around his scales, mine to <3 how do you make the bg so dark?
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    Raising temps

    This in the wrong topic, C: hope you will get your answer
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    Best. Birthday. Gift. EVARRR <33

    Love them! <3 Sweet birthday present form a friend!
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    My gecko's home

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    Does calci-sand harm a gecko?

    I think this is a right thing to do, gecko's do not live on directly soft sand. They live on hard sand more like stone. The sand that they ingest is less then when living on soft sand. If they ingest that they get a larger amount that can be fatal. Mostly beginners will put their loves on soft...
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    I want to see your fav. enigmas!

    Because of the variation of the colors of Enigma, how do you recognize one?
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    Gargoyle Pics...

    Love these gecko's but can't see the pic's :C
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    Happy almost Halloween

    Hey is that a Rhacodactylus Auriculatus? Colorfull picture, love the red gecko color.
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    Enigma "syndrome" theory!!!

    I am sorry that i am putting this up again, but my leo (enigma) did something that is not normal in my eyes. She opened her mouth a couple of times rely wide and shook it like she did not want to but just happened. If we can find a way that they can process Thiamine, how can we give it to them...
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    Mealworms or Crickets?

    At first mealworms, but since my sweet's stopped eating i have crickets.. Works well and i dare to touches them now C: