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    Adult Male Bearded Dragon

    Adult Male Bearded Dragon for Adoption, Leaving for school and need to rehome him. PU in Elon North Carolina. Shoot me a email at [email protected] for more info and pictures.
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    Adult Male Bearded Dragon and Setup- Elon,NC PU

    Ive got a male adult bearded dragon and setup for sale. He's about 2 years old and devours crickets. He's been raised on a diet of crickets, roaches and a variety of greens. He comes with everything needed to keep him healthy. This includes a 40 breeder, uvb, heat, and a hide and basking log. He...
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    RIP Neon

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    RIP Neon

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    RIP Neon

    My leopard gecko neon just passed away. She was only 1.5 years old. Every thing was normal until a week and a half ago and she quit eating, the temperature was normal, she was acting normal, the only difference was her lack of eating. I noticed she had a green mark on her upper stomach. She was...
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    Want to get a crestie, i have a few options. help?

    If it were me, I would order one online or find a local breeder.
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    Real Life Hobbit House

    I wouldnt mind living it it either. They did a great job, and made it look easy.
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    Real Life Hobbit House

    I saw this a while ago and though it was cool. To bad its pretty much illegal due to building codes.
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    where can i find good forum about fishes and freshwater criiters? is what I use, its mainly for predator fish, and is owned by the same guy and is mainly for smaller fish.
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    Beginner- Need some help

    IMO thats way to big, the cresties will get stressed. I suggest tokays but they can be mean. I know some people might say chameleons but stay away from them with a glass tank, theres not enough ventalation.
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    What lizard to get??

    EDIT-Sorry saw this thread in recently posted and didnt see the date.
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    Does anyone own this frog?

    Not sure about heat but a 20 high is fine, and probably around a hundred for the setup. The frogs under 40 id I remember right.
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    Help me identify a frog :/

    Thanks Tony, I was thinking they were different, I read somewhere that they came from different places.
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    Help me identify a frog :/

    Theres two kinds of fire belly toads, ornamental and then normal fire belly toads. The ornamental are green the normal are brown.
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    Help me identify a frog :/

    Looks like a fire belly toad to me from the belly but then the head looks a little odd for a fire belly. Can you get a better picture.