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    Please read BEFORE posting on

    Is there any way to change the display name for my profile? It is no longer accurate. Thanks.
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    Regulations for the proper care of retiles:

    In the "Ethics" forum, user bronxzoo just posted this article regarding how to help neglected or abused reptiles in captivity in stores, etc. Reptile and Amhibian Abuse: Examples, Laws and how you can help forum topic Bronxzoo also provided some resources for Canadians facing similar issues.
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    Reptile & Amphibian Abuse: Examples, Laws & How You Can Help

    Thanks; I am going to post this to someone who recently asked about pet store reptile neglect in AL in the legislation forum.
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    DIY plastic plants

    Is that a non-toxic sealer? This is a great, great idea.
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    Multispecies (Ecosystem) Vivarium Ideas

    I have seen setups like this for fish/turtles living together and also amphibians/fish, but from all accounts they are very time-consuming to set up, balance, and clean. You basically have to clean the pond like a regular aquarium and then you have the vivarium part to clean. If you decide to do...
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    Regulations for the proper care of retiles:

    Hi there! Those regulations probably vary state by state (as do the laws stating what reptiles the pet stores can offer for sale in the first place, etc.) I would recontact your local humane society and ask what regulations or guidelines are in place. I am sure they are publicly available on an...
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    HSUS/PETA is behind all of the reptile ban legislation.

    Heck, I'm a vegetarian and I think that PETA is a joke and does a lot, lot more harm than good.
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    Medium ExoTerra Reptile Den

    This item is no longer for sale; I am donating it to a local reptile rescue.
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    Medium ExoTerra Reptile Den

    New LOWER price! $12 USD + $10 USD for shipping within continental US!
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    Medium ExoTerra Reptile Den

    I am selling 1 used Medium ExoTerra reptile den. I used it for about 6 mo. for my leo before she outgrew it. This would be great for baby leos or smaller lizards like anoles but it is slightly too small (IMO) for a full-sized leo to get into the bottommost chamber. It has both halves and has...
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    Mealworms & Superworms in Boston Area

    So, I'm tired of going to Petsmart and paying out the elbow for a tiny bucket of mealworms and superworms. I tried breeding mealworms and superworms myself, but they got some kind of weird fungus and died. :( So, anybody in the Boston area breed and sell mealworms and superworms? I only have 1...
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    Show Off Your Cages

    What are you using as substrate in that tank? It looks ridged from the photo.
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    LzzrdBoy's DIY Leo Gecko Vivarium Project - Red Rock Canyon Style

    This is amazing! Shouldn't you be able to get a job designing backgrounds for zoo exhibits or something?
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    Name this Carnivores Bird (pic heavy)

    These are fantastic pics. Birds of prey are all beautiful animals.