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    I am looking to buy groups of hatchling geckos wholesale. I will purchase quantity if the quality and price are right.
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    D.Pucher for sales

    sold !! thanks for look
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    D.granarinesis for sales

    For the same reason, I was ready to sell 1 trio D.granarinesis Sorry Clark. $ 950.00 shipped Or exchange of D, galeatus
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    D.Pucher for sales

    I have 1,3 D.pucher will be for sale I am very reluctant to them, but for some reason, I can not get them. To this end I must say I'm sorry to Trivs and John. 1,3 $ 2,000.00 shipped or 1pair $ 1,200.00 shipped or 0,2 $ 900.00 shipped Or exchange of D, galeatus
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    galeatus and granariensis pair or trio

    I'm collecting some D.galeatus and granariensis pair or trio. If you have, just make sure sex, please contact me(pm or mail). [email protected] Thanks for looking
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    WANTED: Diplodactylus geckos

    I love the D.galeatus. I still need to get other Diplodactylus geckos (pair or trio): D.Pulcher, D.galeatus, D.vittatus, D.Granariensis Granariensis, D.Granariensis Rex Please let me know what you have and the price.:p:p Also, do not need to worry about an export license, of...
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    Oh, I am very sad

    Thank you. I think I will increase next year to try this combination is able to reproduce it. May it rest in peace ...
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    Oh, I am very sad

    It died after a few hours after birth Do not know when I can I have another one similar
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    who will go to HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL REPTILE EXPO pls contact with me I do want oder some geckos
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    Hong Kong International Reptile Expo

    No one attending this fair? I still look forward to meeting with you in Hong Kong do.
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    Hong Kong International Reptile Expo

    Dear All What you will participate in the Hong Kong International Reptile Expo??