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    update on my "old" cresties...

    I think you should quit teaching. And take up reptile photography for a living. Stunning photos. You have a gift. :-)
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    Enclosure Question

    First dont switch to a 5.0 . The only problem I see with switching the height is being able to get the correct distance from the uvb bulb. A 5.0 doesn't give off the correct amount of uvb for a dragon. If you switch to the 12"I tank you may want to try a POWERSUN MVB. They give off heat and...
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    Steppe Runners

    Thanks but Im looking for captive bred from a smaller breeder.
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    Steppe Runners

    Very cool !!!!! If you dont mind me asking. Where did you get them from ???? Ive been looking for a breeder who sells them.
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    Mealworm Supplier

    Really they didn't send you a tracking #. Im honestly shocked. I usually order 1000 at a time and always get a tracking #. They also will send you a coupon on the bottom of your invoice for FREE mealies with your next order. The # you get FREE depends on the amount of your previous order.
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    Mealworm Supplier

    I use Great service, Great worms totally organic and lively. And packed great for shipping. They are expensive but well worth the money.
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    If you ever need info on a breeder of anything or check the BOARD OF INQUIRY at
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    Inexperienced Beardie Owner

    Ok first of all you need to remove all night time light bulbs. Dragons sometimes have a hard time sleeping with a light. Get a ceramic heat emitter if your temps go to low at night. Also moving any reptile or redesigning their cage will cause it stress. To help lower the stress it is recommended...
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    I'm ready for a large lizard.

    Iguanas are a piece of cake. And they get pretty big. I had one I got when I was 10. It was pver 4' when it passed away. There are alot of cool color morphs out there for them. I never had a tegu BUT I did have a 4' and still growing Nile Monitor. The previous poster was correct they get HUGE. I...
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    calci worms for a bearded dragon

    They are a great feeder. HOWEVER the problem with them is alot of reptiles won't eat them. Order a small amount the first time and see if your reptile will even eat them.
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    New BloodBankDragons TEASER VIDEO

    Very cool. Love the effects and sound. Good Job.
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    UVB light which one

    ^ What they said. +++++11111111
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    "bathing" habits?

    Is this a new behavior or has this just started ??? Im thinking maybe to help shed??? Also be careful that the new dish isnt adding humidity to the tank. They can develop respritory infections quickly.
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    I agree. BUT that is why I posted this on the Rant forum. And not in the general forum. Im not looking to start a fight just maybe try and make people think before they post.
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    It seems to me there are alot of new members that are passing along BAD care techniques. " IF YOU DONT KNOW AN ANSWER, ITS REAL SIMPLE, DONT RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!! " You are going to kill or seriously injure someones reptile. SO if you havnt done it personally keep it to yourself. THANK YOU