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    Red Eye Croc skinks living with Red Eye Tree frogs? Vivarium ideas

    Never mix different species together....
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    Spiny Mice :)

    My trio of spiny mice ;)
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    Looking for Halloween Mask/Bold Stripe, Bell, or eclipse female or baby

    Must be willing to accept a payment plan. Of course the gecko would be paid in full before shipping. Thanks Amber
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    Could Darcy be a he? *Steppe Runners*

    Sorry to dig up an old post, but steppe runners are sexed the same way bearded dragons are :). If you lift up their tail and see two buldges, its male, if theres not buldges, its female :) Also Steppe Runners are known for over eating :) Thats why there are many who are chunky butts, I have a...
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    One word story! Rules inside

    Had -Amber