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    Mealworms or Crickets?

    I feed my geckos crickets because it's more entertaining for me. I was giving them meal worms but I recently made the mistake of giving them wax worms as a treat and now regular meal worms aren't good enough. They can't resist the crickets though, and watching them dive around their respective...
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    Corporate America and Reptiles, Image not for the faint of heart.

    I've been doing the whole reptile thing for around 4 years now. There is a local corporate pet store chain in town that sells Leopard Geckos, AFTs, Crested Geckos, etc, that I have always bought my supplies from. I buy from here, and not from the local pet store because I've gone in there and...
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    Not leos... but heck, there are leos as well

    I didn't even see the original date, I just saw that it was posted in and followed. Damn, checking dates to avoid noob bumps. Still doesn't change the fact that those geckos make me want an African Fat Tail.
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    Not leos... but heck, there are leos as well

    God those AFT are beautiful, I saw them and immediately tried to think of a way to fit an enclosure for one in my reptile room! Congrats on the stunning geckos!
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    Pecto fails once again

    I love how you made sure to call them out on their prices. Funny thing is that the particular store uses their quality of service as a justification for their prices. There have been times where I would agree that they have excellent service, but that's usually when it comes to asking...