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    Thank you!
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    a belated new additions post

    Thanks guys!
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    new hatchling

    Very cute! Great loud coloring too!
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    YET another tampa pick up

    Ooh, he's a stunner. Congrats!
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    a belated new additions post

    I've been super busy with work... finally got my promotion on Friday... so I didn't get to post about these guys when they first came in last Wednesday. But, they still deserve a post about them, because they're super sweet and very pretty if I do say so myself. I got these four from Jeff...
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    With the addition of a new 20L, I realized..

    I'm totally with you guys. My boyfriend finally let me take over the guest room a couple weeks ago, and I thought I had things pretty well organized until I picked up three more rescue snakes and their 20Ls on Friday. My oldest ball python needs a tank upgrade, because his old owner gave him...
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    It's official... On Friday I was promoted to Assistant Manager! I'll still be in charge of Reptiles and Canine/Feline nutrition, but in the last month I've also taken over ordering and inventory. And I'll probably be taking on some more responsibility in the near future as well. I'm just...
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    Rescuing a leo girl today HELP

    Wow, she already looks tons better. Good for you for rescuing her!
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    Sorry this is off-topic, but hello fellow model horse collector. *wave* ...And actually, I do make some tack/prop items, I don't sell them but just make what I need for my own show string... so maybe I should use some of my leftover lace to make some gecko harnesses. :main_laugh:
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    how long did it take for your new gecko to start eating?

    It varied for me. Some of my new geckos have eaten within a day, others took a few days. None took over a week though. I also didn't handle my new geckos until they had calmed down and ate something. I'd reduce handling if you haven't already, and make sure your temps are high enough to...
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    Havnt posted in a very long time

    Gorgeous geckos!
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    my gecko

    Very pretty geckos! :)