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    Leo's on white backgrounds

    if you turn off the incandescant lamps in the room, you can eliminate the orange-yellow light you're getting. a ringlight or big softbox will help reduce shadows like in the geckodaddy pics. also using a handheld meter will produce better results when shooting on a white background since the...
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    i was in the right place at the right time. still have both my kidneys! :)
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    i've always wanted one of these, now i have a proven pair of adults. :main_yes: :main_yes: :main_yes:
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    post pic of your carpet python

    IJ Carpet
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    Speckled Kingsnake

    wild caught snakes of the proper species make wonderful pets in most cases. that's how our hobby began! it doesn't take much to set up a proper cage, so i wish you the best of luck with your new captive. it looks like a nice animal. i wouldn't really recommend restraining it the way the photo...
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    Sad week for my corals.

    awwww! so sorry to hear. :(
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    Help Me!!!!!

    looks like either a thermal burn or a fungal infection to me. what's the cage setup like?
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    cool pics, thanks for sharing!
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    Slight confusion

    oftentimes water will have dissolved gases in it, especially if it's from a well or under pressure. when water is put into the tank at atmospheric pressures, the gases will escape from the water and form bubbles in the process. i wouldn't worry about it, personally.
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    Man bites snake

    alcohol causes so many heartaches and hardships on society, yet it remains legal. makes you wonder, doesn't it!
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    New Puppy

    congrats! he's really cute!
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    New Rosy Boa Pictures

    i've heard of rosys biting, never witnessed it. i have a male that i collected last year that looks a lot like your female nice looking pair you have there! thanks for sharing
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    My hotties

    standard roadway lanes are 12' wide. if the snake stretched across the roadway, that's a 24' snake. sounds like a fish story to me. need pics or it didn't happen. :)
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    Crayfish: Food for reptiles?

    there's a snake that eats crawfish, Regina septemvitatta
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    praying mantis legal? Help?

    your quickest way would be to email someone that sells mantids to see if they can ship them to HI good luck!