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    Gecko In New Viv Keeps Hanging Upside Down

    I just put together my new 18x18x18 exo-terra tank, currently with paper towel lining, a large rock hide, a small log hide, a few rocks, several lives plants (awaiting my shipment of ABG mix soil for potting so I can start developing a bioactive substrate) and a mushroom ledge. I introduced my...
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    Aberforth's First Handling Sesh

    Last night I got my gargoyle gecko Aberforth out for his first handling session! I've waited two and a half weeks and only touched him twice in that time. The first was because it was freaking me out that he was sleeping basically on his back with his tail underneath him and his little hands...
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    I Found A Big Watersnake

    I think you are the got dang Disney princess of watersnakes, that's what I think. (I don't know much about watersnakes, sorry, but this is really neat!)
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    I hope I'm in the right place- western hognose

    Ugh, I just love meeting others who are so enthusiastic about the hobby! I can't imagine trying to organize all that and maintain it in that amount of space, especially with an actual human baby, lol... I'm so impressed! I've got a beardie, two snakes, a gecko, a fish, and a bird all in my room...
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    Boop this snoot.............see that happens lol

    That is such a pretty snoot... Have to decide if my hand is more valuable than the boops!
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    Skinky devil

    It looks like this skink has some fine eyelashes! ;D
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    I hope I'm in the right place- western hognose

    Avoiding the mixing of human food containers and reptile food containers is probably not an absolute necessity, but it definitely can't hurt so go right on ahead! I imagine this is part of why so many people opt to get a mini-fridge or freezer for keeping their snake food in! I don't know that...
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    I hope I'm in the right place- western hognose

    Hey there! I haven't personally kept a hognose yet (although they are certainly on my wishlist when I'm able to start expanding my collection) but I do have a ball python and a corn snake which are both fed f/t mice. Hopefully I can be of some service! The basic rule of thumb for thawing is to...
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    I Became An Armchair for a Very Fine Noodle

    This last weekend I took a four hour long roadtrip to Austin, TX for the day with a friend to visit a reptile expo, and OH MY GOSH IT WAS WORTH IT. I didn't mean to get anything new except maybe some accessories for my snakes and my bearded dragon, but I ended up coming home with a gargoyle...
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    New Gecko Hasn't Started Eating Yet

    Thank you so much! I'll definitely check out and like your FB page. ;) A whole month, oh my gosh... I'd probably be in tears halfway through with worry, I'm such a doting critter mom! Thankfully it looks like little Aberforth has eaten at last! I put a very thin layer of food in this time to...
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    delightful dude

    This dude truly does look pretty delightful! What is he, if you don't mind my asking? (Please forgive my lack of knowledge!) I really love that nose!
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    New Gecko Hasn't Started Eating Yet

    Okay, thank you so much! That's a comfort for sure. I do have him on paper towel right now, for exactly that reason; the breeder I bought him from was very helpful and recommended it to me! I'm actually not sure how big he is yet, I'm planning on hunting down the scale soon to find out, but I'm...
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    New Gecko Hasn't Started Eating Yet

    Just this weekend I got my first gecko, a gargoyle gecko, at an expo in Austin, TX. He hasn't started eating yet, and I'm wondering how long I should wait before I start to worry about this. I know it's not super unusual for new animals to take some time before they start feeding regularly after...
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    Before setting up a live-planted vivarium...?

    That enclosure looks really lovely! I've got some inspiration for the enclosure I'm working on now for a new gargoyle gecko! He's in a somewhat sparse but passible temporary enclosure until he's a little bigger, and I'm hoping to use that time to put together something reaaaally good looking for...
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    Gargoyle feeding issue

    Have you tried placing the food dishes in a different location? If they don't really spend any time on the ledge, you might try experimenting with some different placements! Also, what substrate are you using? Are you finding any droppings in the enclosure? If so, your geckos are eating...