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    some of my Africans.......warning pic heavy lol

    lol, i'm really into julidochromis species, been working with them for years, but ive raised and bred a few other tangs, neolamp. marunguensis, lamp ocellatus, neolamp brevis, neolamp. leleupi...
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    some of my Africans.......warning pic heavy lol

    Beautiful cyathopharynx, especially love the cyps. It doesn't seem like too many people are into tanganyikans...
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    combining fishes and invert species.

    Those danios may end up being killed by the minnows, they can be very aggressive towards smaller fish...
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    How many?

    If you want to do africans, tanganyikans would probably be your best bet, its a bit small for mbuna/haps. With a 29 gallon, i'd do a species only shelldweller set up, (a trio of lamp. brevis or ocellatus, a group of lamp. multifaciatus would look cool.) If youre not into shelldwellers, a pair of...
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    Crested shows up today!!!!!!

    Great looking little guy!
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    New crestie!

    Thanks guys Good luck with your new crested
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    New crestie!

    Bought an awesome juvenile crestie over the weekend :D Any ideas on the morph? Chillin in his terrarium
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    Camera Upgrades...

    I am taking a photography class and i'm currently using an olympus point and shoot. I think its a good camera and it has the required "manual" mode but i'd like to know whether you guys think it'd be worth it to upgrade? The first camera on this list is the one i'm currently using. The others...
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    Preparing to ship...

    I'm going to be shipping out a few geckos soon and was wondering at what temp should you use a cold pack? According to forecasts, the high is going to be 85 degrees both where i'm located and where they are being shipped to. Any help appreciated...
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    ah it's the "what are you listening to" thread

    In Flames - Trigger
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    my chiclid setup

    You've got some aggressive mbuna in there, keep an eye on the P. crabo and M. auratus because they might need to be removed. Personally, i'd add some more rocks to the tank to make sure there are plenty of hiding places... Really like the moon lighting :main_thumbsup:
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    ah it's the "what are you listening to" thread

    Somewhere in the between by streetlight manifesto
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    25g Hexagon Tank Fixed Up

    Watch those convicts, they are beyond aggressive when they start breeding and they start very young...
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    ah it's the "what are you listening to" thread

    Tool - Vicarious
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    S. jardini and O. goramy

    Nice arowana, any signs of aggression yet? and are you on mfk?