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    adult male normal ball python and 2 juvenile normal BP's

    Christina, if you can contact Suncoast Herp Society, they will be able to help you.
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    Irian Jaya Carpets (M. s. variegata)

    I had a nice pair of sub adults but sold them recently. They're very easy to handle and more curious than ball pythons, and quite beautiful.
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    I'm back :p

    Looks like a pastel to me too, as mentioned with the light head area. If you're back in the Tampa area, there's a show in a month that someone can sex it for you and perhaps a morph confirmation in person.
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    Thank (only some of) you!!

    What would you do for a klondike bar?
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    John From Geckoboa

    I couldn't agree more :)
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    Info on Crypto from Ron Tremper

    Holy necro batman!!!! Research has been ongoing, there still is no known cure.
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    my Frilled dragon Kenpachi

    Very cool :)
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    Happy Birthday, Kelli!!

    Hope you had a super herpy birthday!
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    Cat sized rats to invade Florida......

    This is great. Very soon folks will be wishing for the burms... Can hardly wait to see what the good Senator Bill Nelson plans to do about his new issue.
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    Ryuu's big adventure

    Haha! Cute :)
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    I'm in love......

    Very nice Russ, congrats. And Happy Birthday too :)
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    bearded dragon set up questions

    MVB's in general are good bulbs, however, be sure your dragon is a safe distance from it. Follow manufacturer guidelines. Burns can result if any animal gets too close to them to bask.
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    My little beardie family :-)

    Beauties! I love the name "Dolly", it was my grandmother's name :)
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    Exposed to a rabies positive animal!

    That sucks!!!! Hope it all turns out okay for you.