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    White Plains April 17th

    Be sure and stop by if you are going.
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    First Update of 2010!

    I am sure I will :) I will have to do another update as many of those sold yesterday.... but there are always more :)
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    First Update of 2010!

    :D I have finally updated the website slightly for 2010. More importantly there are 16 new geckos available on the Enigmas, Albinos, and Miscellaneous Geckos pages. All Leopard Geckos are sexed and ready to ship. All available geckos listed and more will also be at the White Plains show on July...
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    My house isn't a zoo

    I've only let someone into my house to see the collection on two occasions. One of the guys lives around the corner and knows where I live anyway. Our kids go to the same school and he also goes to my gym. He bought several geckos from me for his son, and he showed me his backyard pond for Koi...
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    RIP Khatool (cat)

    So sorry for your loss.
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    Sexing juvie crestie

    You should get a sexing loupe from Pangea. It has 30X magnification and an LED. It makes it very easy to see if the pores are present on a 10 gram Crested. If you breed them, this will come in handy instead of having to wait for them to grow.
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    My Cresty Fired Up

    Nice color and head structure! :)
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    CGD Dry

    I had heard of this method some time last year from someone else who was already feeding all of their Cresteds CGD dry with great success. I was skeptical at first and decided to try this method myself over the last few months and found that some individual geckos of mine actually do prefer the...
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    A couple of pics of my females

    The two larger girls are the ones that recently escaped and were recovered tail-less. The smaller one is being raised up for breeding next year. Enjoy.
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    crested gecko substrate...

    I use paper towel for hatchlings and breeding adults (when paired up). I use Eco Earth for juvies and the adults that are kept individually.
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    When it's not your fault, but by law it is

    Hope you feel better soon. That sucks all the way around.
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    Shows are almost always cheaper, especially if someone is really looking to sell what they have on their table and even more so closer to the end of the show. Body Structure is very important and color is as well. If the gecko isn't fired up, you may not be able to compare apples to apples. In...
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    Escaped Crestie Resurfaces!

    Considering I have two 1 1/2 year old cats (almost same age as her to the day) that claimed the tails of both females that got loose, I am amazed she was found alive at all. I was already prepared to buy a replacement and remain upset over losing the bloodline since I had already sold the 09...
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    Escaped Crestie Resurfaces!

    :D My 1 1/2 year old female Crested Gecko "Pepper" had escaped 12 days ago along with her cage mate Jewel. My two cats found a way two get onto and destroy the screen top of the tank while I was at work the day after I had rearranged the room. Subsequently the two Crestie girls busted out of...