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    Yellow Ackie Babies!

    Please Delete All sold please delete
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    2 Nieves cross het raptor females

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    3.0 66% poss. het albino(Group deal)

    Up for grabs is three 66% poss. het albino males from a Het x Het breeding. All have fed atleast 4 times on hopper mice, and would make great pets. I need these gone so I am selling them for 115 shipped. I accept Paypal, and US postal money orders. Shipping will be done via SYR and heat pack...
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    2 pair of Wheeleri, and 1 Female Mili

    Please Delete N/P
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    Nieves cross female het raptor

    delete this post. please delete
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    Caramel tokay male and mate

    Please Delete sale pending. N/p please delete.
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    Pat Kline-Luxurious Leopards! GOOD GUY!

    I also know all the fine details of what went down in the trade, and honestly from what jeremy sent compared to what was sent by Pat I am siding with Jeremy on this one. Also if I am not mistaken they were good enough that he wanted to keep some for his own collection, and sell some immediately...
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    Pat Kline-Luxurious Leopards! GOOD GUY!

    I noticed that pigslayer corrected having his full name in every post via info below his username. As your rules state he has 24 hours before a post is removed. I am wondering why a certain post that was made less then 12 hours ago was deleted?
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    Used PVC endcaps (pic included)

    I have up for sale 36 slightly used pvc end caps. They measure 2.5 inches wide by .5 inches deep. They make perfect water and food dishes for geckos and other small herps. I am only asking 22 shipped via usps priority mail. I accept paypal and debit/credit cards via paypal( you do not need a...
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    Adult leopard Geckos (Bells, RW, and Tempers)

    All must go so for this weekend only I will sell the entire group for 220 shipped via ups overnight. If your temps drop below 36 at night I will hold until optimal shipping temps are available. The geckos sexes and morphs are listed with each pic. All are feeding readily on roaches, crickets...
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    Minimum incubation temp?

    well I have had fluctuations of temps down to 79 degrees with no adverse effects other then taking a little longer to hatch, but the temps only dipped this low during the coldest nights in the incubator. I do not recommend temps below 82 or above 87 if at all possible.
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    to cool,or not to cool?

    cooling is not needed at all, and quite frankly I feel that it can have adverse side-effects so I would recommend not doing it. For the amount of years we have been working with them it has not been attempted, and are results are very good.
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    Show off your cool imports!

    Is it outback reptiles you work for? I know they had some neat ones come in this past year, but never really saw all that they went through.
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    Water, calcium, and mealworm dishes!

    If you got a plumber buddy look into pvc pipe test caps. Got to be the best thing I use for all the above. They are dirt cheap, easy to clean, and if you get the right size worms will not climb out.
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    Fat Tail WILL NOT eat mealworms! Been two weeks!

    I would have to say out of all my AFT's I have 1 that sometimes refuse mealies. I hate that you have to deal with it. I would get some crickets, but ever so often try the mealies. I would bet it will switch in time. I feed mainly roaches, and mealies without many crickets being used at all. Keep...