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    Super Worms

    Whew! Good to hear. I just got a shipment of 1/2" dubia roaches today. I think they'll be much better. Thanks for the help.
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    Hi everyone! My name is Greg, I'm 33 from Indianapolis and I just became a gecko owner 4 days ago. I have a juvenile Super Snow morph and a juvenile albino morph. Glad to be part of the forum!
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    My Super Snow Tulo!
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    My Albino Horace
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    Super Worms

    Hello everyone. I just got my geckos 4 days ago. They ate for the first time today. They ate one super worm each but then I started to worry that was too much. The superworms are half as long as the geckos themselves. They had no trouble getting them down. Did I screw up?