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    AWESOME Collection sale, part 1 (Stripes, Fasciolatus, Tangs, ect.)

    Unfortunately, I am forced to sell the majority of my collection due to family issues. But... my loss is your gain! :main_thumbsup: You can reach me at my e-mail: [email protected] or send a PM. Weights and additional pictures are available upon request. The first gecko for sale is an...
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    Baby Veiled Chameleon: HELP!

    Hey, is great site for chameleon care. (Mods I hope that's not against the TOS, if it is, please remove!) That is really young, at this age they're very delicate. This is also a great care sheet: What kind of enclosure is he in...
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    Whose gonna be at the LA reptile super show next weekend?

    I'll be there! Not vending, but buying :)
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    Post Dog Pictures

    Here is my baby, a real German blood German Shepherd. "Beau Bijou von Jackson Haus".... or Jake :p He is 10 months and pretty big but not completely done growing and filling out. Most intelligent dog ever!
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    Striped zulu

    Awesome! I really love the "jungleishness" :P
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    Lennon the Boxer

    What a handsome boy!
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    The Dreaded Day... RIP Max

    I'm so sorry! You did everything you could. RIP Max. *HUGS*
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    WoooHoooo! She laid!!!!!

    Congrats! (Kevin, It looks real to me?)
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    2 pairs of proven SHTCTB's! Great value!

    $40 off for the next week-
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    2 pairs of proven SHTCTB's! Great value!

    I have two pairs, each is $150 OBO. or buy both pairs for $250! E-mail be with questions or send me a PM.
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    2 Proven SHTCTB Males- Great Quality for a Low price!

    Bump! Make me an offer!!!!
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    TERRARISTIKA HAMM show (Germany)

    I'm looking for some one who can pick up two geckos for me from Lottiz, I would be willing to pay them.... in geckos or cash. :)
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    TERRARISTIKA HAMM show (Germany)

    Any US breeders attending this show in September?
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    2 Proven SHTCTB Males- Great Quality for a Low price!

    By the way- The pictures were taken the day I bought them, They're more plump now and the shed on their toes has been removed ;)