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    goniurosaurus for Tinley park show

    Hello, I have the following goniurosaurus available for sale/pick-up at the upcoming Tinley Park show oct.13th and 14th. G. araneus 2.1 g. hainanensis 3.1 g. kuroiwae 1.0 g. luii 3.0 g. orientalis 1.1 u. sikorae 0.1 thanks for looking, mark
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    emerines for Tinley park show

    Hello I have one pair of emerine/lavender leos from pacific green line available for pick up at the tinley park show. They were sold as het raptor, but I haven't proven it out. I also have a nice male emerine/lavendar het blizzard for pick up at the show as well. Sorry, the pics are a...
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    Goniurosaurus Male Sale

    For local pick-up in the Chicagoland area... I'm reducing my Chinese and Japanese Cave Gecko collection in a few waves here over the next couple of months and decided to part with a few males that are currently not paired up. They are all adults and in fantastic shape. The temps are too hot...
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    goniurosaurus orientalis

    subadult male orientalis from 2010 for $500 shipped in the U.S.
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    Hainanensis & Luii

    Hello, I have around a dozen (mostly) unsexed hainanensis and two unsexed luii I'm looking to part with. Due to weather here in Chicago I'd like to do local pick up only at this time. The luii were bred from a ltc pair and the hainanensis come from a dozen wild caught females that either came...
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    WANTED: Meru & Rudis Chams

    Hi, I'm looking to working with some Mt. Meru Dward Jackson and Rudis chameleons and am looking for unrelated pairs. These guys seems to be getting harder to find so if anyone is working with them feel free to shoot me a line. Thanks :) Mark
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    WANTED: C. elegans & Eloks

    Hello, interested into branching out into some other geckos and have had my eyes on coleonyx elegans and c. eloks so if anyone is breeding these guys and have unrelated pairs feel free to send me a message. Thanks and happy new year! Mark
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    WTB: Cave Geckos

    Looking for any (non hainanensis) cave geckos here in the states or for the upcoming hamm show. Especially fiending for a female splendens and a male kuroiwae, but all others are welcome as well, though at this point looking for adults (or close to it) only.
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    Poll: Are you breeding the enigma line into your top bloodlines?

    sorry, nothing against the enigma...they're really cool and I have no problem with the market absorbing them to the degree it has, but I personally won't touch them. There are some genetic traits that disturb me and we haven't seen how those will play out in the long run, so I'm staying enigma...
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    blizzard = codoms not recessives???

    alright, so it's good to know I wasn't completely insane. I didn't take into consideration the comment Marcia made regarding co-doms which does pretty much rule that aspect out. The next question in regard to markers is that they aren't "always" there? I was wondering what causes them and how...
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    blizzard = codoms not recessives???

    I 've had this nagging suspicion for a while that the blizzard gene may be a co-dom instead of a recessive. Bear with me as I know it's considered universally as a recessive, and I admit I may be insane, but I'd like to throw this out there. A few years back I noticed that all offspring from...
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    Keeping an eye on the Emerine

    I personally like this morph and it's potential. It also is very subtle, but can be striking. JMG reptiles has some of this influence in his red stripe projects. The female I got from him is showing some nice green hues. I've also noticed (and picked up) some animals with emerine influence...
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    Sorry, should have looked it up before posting...Tylototritan Shanjing
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    I have some Mandarin/Emporer Newts. They are beautiful and extremely lazy:main_rolleyes: I've had two for about three years and picked up another last week. I don't have a camera, but go to google images and type in mandarin newt, or emporer newt and it will bring up some pics. The proper...