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    Perfect clutch with an even better story!

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    2nd clutch ever, Het Pied X Het Pied

    No it wont be a problem. Congrats on the birthday clutch.
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    Finally got my boa!

    Nice looking snake, congrats!
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    Kenyan Sand Boas

    Ken Leach email- [email protected] I highly suggest Ken, he has some of the nicest sand boas Ive seen. Plus he is a gecko forums member. Tell him Rob from Empire Reptiles sent you his way, he'll hook you up.
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    One CRAZY looking Mexican hognose

    Nice looking snake Greg!
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    new pinstripe female

    Nice pick up!
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    are any of you working with dinkers?

    Ted yours almost look slike a woma. Interesting looking snake for sure bro!
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    Better odds this time

    Nice looking snakes!
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    Kill Crypto now has a Facebook page

    Looking good Pat! I like the auction on facebook even better. I think you will get a lot more people bidding!
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    My first clutch of ball python eggs, and certainly not my last!

    Congrats! This was the first year I decided to breed ball pythons and I had my first clutch of 8 good eggs. I cant wait until next season now!
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    A few of my Bp's>!>!

    Nice looking pythons!
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    Second clutch on the ground

    Congrats Ted!! So we both got a clutch of 8 eggs our first year breeding balls, not to bad.
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    Lesser clutch

    Sweet congrats!
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    WooHoo! Eggs!

    Ted I hope you get 3 pieds because I want to hear you soiled your self, lol!
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    Sweet, congrats! I can't wait to see pics of the babies.