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    Hamburg P.a aug 4th

    Empire Reptiles will be there with leopard geckos, fat tail geckos, gargs, and ball pythons. Make sure to stop by our table and say hi!
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    2nd clutch ever, Het Pied X Het Pied

    No it wont be a problem. Congrats on the birthday clutch.
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    Leucistic Varanus kingorum eggs on the ground.

    Sweet, comgrats!
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    The best granites out there are JMG's line, hands down! Alot of fat tails show traits on granite pattern but arent actual granites.
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    Finally got my boa!

    Nice looking snake, congrats!
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    Hamburg feb 25th

    Empire Reptiles will be there. We will have a couple adult female crested geckos with us and 100+ leopard geckos. Stop by our table check out the geckos and say hi!
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    Kenyan Sand Boas

    Ken Leach email- [email protected] I highly suggest Ken, he has some of the nicest sand boas Ive seen. Plus he is a gecko forums member. Tell him Rob from Empire Reptiles sent you his way, he'll hook you up.
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    One CRAZY looking Mexican hognose

    Nice looking snake Greg!
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    new pinstripe female

    Nice pick up!
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    Hudson Valley Reptile Expo 9/25 Poughkeepsie, NY

    Shows was alright but there were other vendors that under cut on pricing just to make sales. You see it at every show but this show had a couple vendors that stuvk out more than any other show.
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    Hudson Valley Reptile Expo 9/25 Poughkeepsie, NY

    They have all my info but for some reason some vendors have theor website others their e-mail. My name is up on the top of the page first row.
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    Hudson Valley Reptile Expo 9/25 Poughkeepsie, NY

    Empire Reptiles will be vending here once again. First show was good, this show should be much better! If you do make stop by the our table and say Hi!
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    Squamata Concepts

    Greg and John are good people. No one has to worry when dealing with these two. Very honest and up front and more than willing to work with you.
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    are any of you working with dinkers?

    Ted yours almost look slike a woma. Interesting looking snake for sure bro!