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    Tank crowded?

    Good morning I have a 4-5 month old leopard gecko. We did a small remodel to his tank because he loves to climb and we wanted to give him more things to climb on. However I’m worried it’s maybe too crowded now? He hasn’t seemed to worry but he is now pooping where he normall naps in the warm...
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    New to the Forums

    Welcome to the party :)
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    Calcium - multivitamins

    Hi friends :) any advice on getting your gecko to take his vitamins? It’s in a powder form and I noticed today when his worms are dusted he will not eat.. he refuses! Any help?
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    Scared Juvenile

    Wow so he could be quite a few things! Thank you so much for that breakdown I’m hoping he does get some more orange in him!!
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    Scared Juvenile

    good news!! He actually finally came out and was hiding in a open tunnel and I got his attention with a mealworm and he ate a few and then took off again!! I feel so happy he finally came out but I will def try that next.
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    Scared Juvenile

    I just adopted a juvenile leopard gecko from PetsSmart. We picked him (I think a boy) because he was the most active in the tank. He let me hold him at first and seemed okay and the suddenly freaked so I put him in his new home.. I’ve owned one before so I know he has a proper full set up. My...