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    Several Gecko Related Domain Names For Sale!

    If you are looking for an official name for your gecko hobby/business, I have several gecko-related domain name available for sale. If you see one you are interested in, I can get an appraisal for you. All are registered through GoDaddy. Gecko Gecko Gecko
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    Stop by and take a look at the first of the 2012 offspring on the newly updated Golden Gate Geckos website! :main_thumbsup:
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    As an Ordained Minister, I can say without any question that discrimination of ANY kind towards other human beings is certainly NOT what Jesus tried to teach us. The Bible has more finger-shaking at fornication and adultery that any reference to homosexuality. When are we truly going to achieve...
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    I see the reptile community aren't the only ones that thrive on controversy and drama!
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    Irian Jaya Carpets (M. s. variegata)

    Irian Jaya Carpets are pythons, not boa constrictors. ;)
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    post pic of your carpet python

    Thanks! I really love my three JCPs. The two biggest are sweet as puppies, but the youngest, Janaya, is a brat. I'd have more if I had more room, but I already have three Green Tree Pythons, too!
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    post pic of your carpet python

    Here are my Jungle Carpet Pythons: Janaya Toorahloo Billabong
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    oxbow critical care for bearded dragons

    Oxbow forumulas are generally designed for specific nutritional needs. Bearded Dragons are omnivorous... which means they eat insects AND vegetation. THINK about what the contents of Oxbow has in it, and make an informed decision about what you are feeding your animal.
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    Looking good, Eric!
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    Stunning! I love pythons... especially these ones!
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    Green Tree Python vocalizations??? HELP!

    I don't see anything wrong with her mouth, and there is no mucous or bubbles from there or her nose. It's almost like she is in pain or really pissed off. I have an appointment to take her in to see Dr. Harkewicz.
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    Green Tree Python vocalizations??? HELP!

    One of my 3-year old female GTP's has been VERY vocal lately. She's always been a 'hisser', but she is vocalizing with a high pitched squeal that goes on until her lungs are deflated. It's very unnerving, and there is no evidence of a RI or any other problem other than she has not been...
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    I'm in love......

    Russ, she is absolutely stunning.
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    Newest addition!

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    Wooo Hooo! Let the games begin...